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How Do I Travel Often?! // Tips, Tricks & Dealing with Anxiety

Today I explained how I get to travel so much, some tips and tricks and also dealing with Travel Anxiety!
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  1. Benslie

    I'm have a 12 hour flight tonight and I'm terrified

  2. Kay Flip

    LOL, so all of your 18 year old viewers are booking some luxury hotel in Santorini because you did a vlog? How dumb do you think we are? You're not exactly Beyonce, lol.

  3. James Maxwell

    that face from the start ????????????

  4. Erika Crnić

    Croatia ????

  5. Loudjain aguilera

    how old is she??/

  6. Rachel

    I have all of the same feelings about flying as you and this helped a lot <3 love from Calgary!

  7. Wayfare Trail

    great video

  8. Rachel Irene

    Come to Austin!!

  9. Elizabeth Bean

    If you're ever in south america let me know! You'd love Ecuador, check out my Instagram to see pics
    Elizabeth Bean

  10. Emilie N

    You need to come see Norway! Love you're volg's. Stay awesome <3

  11. Claudia Johnson

    So basically.. The only way for us to be able to travel is become social media famous.. And sponsor people. I would love to do that. But not everyone can afford the clothes and videos ????

  12. Stella Chen

    what was the hotel you stayed at for free? :)

  13. Jessica Jolley

    How do you make instagram a job ?

  14. Liseth Moreno

    Watching so many traveling videos lol I've never travel but I will be in summer 2017 so I'm learning ahaha. If anyone has any other helpful videos please link me to it :)

  15. Ellie May

    Alexxxx you are so pretty!!! You seem really genuine and like a girl anyone would be lucky to have as a friend 🙂 Love your videos

  16. Chris Herndon

    How old are you? And where do you live now?

  17. Mai Cecile

    clouds <3

  18. Maja Johansson

    I also have travel anxiety, you gave me some good tips on how to deal with it! :))

  19. Joanna Lopez-Hernandez

    Being able to travel for a living is my dream!! You said that you get many offers from hotels and such, so how do you choose where you want to go? And when are you going to Bali? I just recently rejected a full scholarship to study abroad in Indonesia for a year (for personal reasons:( but accepted another to go to Cyprus for the summer! So excited!

  20. Yeilyn Rodriguez

    I wish I had travel anxiety…