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How English Learning Can Help You to Travel the World

Discover how English can help you travel the world.
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Learn how to advance from intermediate to fluent English for real native speaker and world English communication. Learn how to understand American English; learn to speak English fluently and confidently and join in conversation with Gabby and the Go Natural English community.

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  1. Danilo Aoki

    Great video????

  2. Anderson Silva

    Hi Gabby, there's only positive things to learn English nothing negative, like you said the most countries in the world have the English as a second language (ex: I've known people from Nepal, Tibet, Butan, Germany, Russia, South Africa) and if I dont't get and speak English I won't be able to talk with this people and also won't be able to talk with you and other Americans. I tell you more, the possibility of learn others cultures and know other people around the world, what is fantastic, we grow like human been. The kind of music I like the most is rock and practically all of them sing in English (Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC, Linkin Park etc). The famous flicks are in English, the TV shows are in English (The Walking Dead, House, CSI, Chicago Fire etc), finally I also have fun learning. Thanks for everything.

  3. sebastian alegria

    l think that before to travel the world the English is key to everysituation necessary at moment of, happy new year Gabby!

  4. Cabdi Rashiid

    lool i smitten by you do u have a man?

  5. Omer Adam

    Thank you for video you're good teacher

  6. Cleona Patterson (eFluentEnglish)

    Thanks Gabby. As a fellow globetrotter this resonates, English helps you to communicate with others worldwide.

  7. Munzir Yahya

    thanks alot Gaby you are help us always i 'am sudanies i want learn and speak english fluently like netive

  8. Michael Maldonado

    I moved to United States one month ago and you have helped me a lot ,but I still feel nervous when I'm going to talk with someone ,I need to relax

  9. OnTheDay

    I am leaning English for travel. I am from Thailand, Thanks for the video

  10. Jhonfy Manuel Destine

    this is my whatsapp if anybody want to practice with me, and my Skype jhonfy.manuel

  11. Bruno Costa

    Excellent as always!

  12. jose felix nuñex perez

    thank you, I can't say how crazy about travel am, I love it, that why I study English, it is a universal language

  13. Andréia Diogo

    That's the main reason I started learning English 🙂
    I'm brazilian and I post videos in English on my channel as a way to practice the language, if you guys could to check it out I'd be very happy!

  14. Labinot Arifi

    Hi teacher . Can you find mee somebody to speak english with them in skype or viber my skype is Labinot1310

  15. Marcos Antonio

    English helped me a lot in India nd I made many friends from there..Its really a wonderful language

  16. mistakenly fall down

    non-native more than native speakers ??i didn't know that but non-natives dont know like native speakers.Do you have lessons for beginners?

  17. dip cae

    Happy New year, Miss Gabby

  18. jamesthekingsmith566

    Merry Xmas Happy new year

  19. Ahmad Goran

    thanks for the video ☺

  20. tigre tmx

    happy new year Gabby, i wanna be fluent english, then my next language wil be german. or can u recomend me about a language silimar to english.