Enjoy Your Trip

How I Pack for a Trip/Vacation ; Checklist & TIPS!

Here is how I pack my suitcase efficiently and organized for trips and vacations!
Since I am leaving for L.A. TOMORROW I figured I would film this fun how-to video on how I like to go about packing!
I also made a really cute and fun checklist for packing that you can download to your computer and print it whenever you need it!
The Print-off Ultimate Packing Checklist is found on my blog here !!

So I hope you guys enjoy this fun video and are ready for many fun ones in L.A.!
For those of you in the L.A. area, be sure to follow my twitter and watch for a video update on a meet-up Saturday, April 22nd!

IF YOU ARE READING THIS: tell me the last place you travelled to, or the next place you plan to travel!
The last place I travelled to was P.E.I !


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  1. James Carmack

    I printed the list out and omg I love it thx so much you helped a lot

  2. Fluffy Puppy

    Where can I get your list?

  3. TheMaszMuche

    Omg, literally the worst packing video I saw (and I'm searching at this topic, cause I'm going to other country for half year) 😀 Toiletries should be packed somehow, because they could easily pour out! I wouldn't put my bikinis next to my shoes, all should be packed cause it's not sanitary 😀 Did I mention a toothbrush without any packet? 😀 😀 :D

  4. Rubi Lopez

    ya um idk why she brought big bottles of lotion and shampoo and stuff cause they don't let bring that in a plane and they will just throw it away

  5. Kriston D


  6. Natalie Méssablichvili

    I watched this 234576534309884267075342 times.

  7. MissGlamBAM

    I have the same laptop sticker! Love this song, such cute clothes you're packing!

  8. Pastel Roses

    That journal is so cute does anyone know where it is from? X

  9. Raquel Pedroso

    This video is so helpful!

  10. Christen SueEllen

    i need a copy of the check list she had. i suck at making checklist. is there a link for it.?

  11. bay bihhh

    this is hella shit

  12. Sydney D

    Hey, this is kind of random but I was wondering if you knew the name of the font you used for the "Not all who wander are lost" quote! It's my favourite font and I want to download it 🙂 Also I love your videos <3

  13. Cherry Monroe

    that mkment when your plane leaves in 4hrs and you need to pack, shower, get dressed and eat????

  14. Kamrie Lofton


  15. Ivy Ann Aiken

    1MILLION I JUST SAW OMG 1MILLION!!!! YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. Britney Baker

    I packed triple what you packed

  17. beautybyhoffing

    Thank you so much for the list it helps so much

  18. Gymnasticslife 98

    well i dont have that much clothes

  19. Cherryin

    This is a very good packing video!! Thanks!

  20. Jazmine Jamieson

    It's not available