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How I Pack My Carry On Bag for a 9 Day Cruise! | JASMINE ROSE

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  1. ebonybeautyful

    Your hair is gorgeous! Tutorial please!

  2. Candisias

    Great video! right now i’m addicted to using Flight001 products which have
    some great packing items for carry on bags such as this. I also got serious
    about finding a great carry on bag by Samsonite with good weeks and a
    telescopic handle so it doesn’t break easily. I have this really cute
    cosmetic bag from bagallini that I got off Amazon. These are some great
    tips! Loving that cosmetic bag from BH cosmetics. Wish I had seen that
    sooner! oh but word to the wise: especially if you’ve never been on a
    cruise before: BRING MOTION SICKNESS MEDS!!!! If you don’t you will regret
    it. You’re body isn’t used to swaying at that rate and it will catch up to
    you. They charge like $4 for 2 pills on the ship, so save yourself now and
    buy some before you head out. and take one right before you guys leave the
    port. Trust me…i spent the first two days of my cruise in PAIN!

  3. Juls Griesbach

    I’m going on a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas????????????

  4. Gem M

    Great video got some great tips, thanks Jasmine looking forward to the
    upcoming videos

  5. blue0frangi

    Like your makeup, soft and natural.

  6. MsMalika64

    I noticed someone had one of those Missoma bags on the airplane this
    weekend. I really liked those bags. I’m a Dove girl too lol! Can’t wait to
    see the footage from your trip.

  7. Miss Lola

    Have a wonderful time on the cruise, Jasmine. :-)

  8. NatashasWhiteShoes

    Are you going to vlog on the cruise?

  9. Sierra Mullins

    i’m going on a cruise in 3 days

  10. ItsMoore2Life

    Do you have a video on your hair?

  11. adreya31

    You look so beautiful love your hair

  12. Asha Bailey


  13. Jasmine Rose

    New Video is now LIVE! Check out how I pack my Carry-On bag for my recent
    Caribbean vacation :)

  14. Scoutty Simmons

    Off topic but I wanted to know if you followed your hot oil treatment up
    with a deep conditioner or not. If you don’t can you? or should you? My
    hair is extremely dry) thanks

  15. SuperWoman1030

    This is an awesome video! Could be used for any trip too. Thanks! 

  16. leondria gordon

    This video is way too timely!! I’m going to Mexico on Monday!