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HOW I TRAVEL – my best travel tips! -Vlog 15

My plans for packing, check in and how to get a smooth security check etc. 🙂

See what I wear on my blog!

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Technician in electronic's full time Webmaster in spare time Trying to make a living :)
  1. ViNcE91newyork Reply

    Your t-shirt is so nice where can i get one ?

  2. Johanna Reply

    love your hairbuns..!! how do you do them? canät you make a toturial?

  3. Olivia Reply

    you remind me of Piper from OITNB

  4. GustavoNungarayTV Reply

    Where did you get your tracker for your luggage? I've lost my bags way to many times and that would be such a life saver! Also, I love yours and Jon videos!

  5. Lennie Reply

    what camera do you use?? ^^

  6. RoyalCaribbean10 Reply

    What do you do for a living?

  7. Pynnönen Hannu Reply

    Good advice – thanks ???? and ????????????

  8. Morgaine Hurme Reply

    Vart har du löpt byxorna ?

  9. Hanna Berg Reply

    Var har du köpt ditt datorfodral?

  10. Sara Teixeira Reply

    What camera do you use for filming and to take pictures? Great video :)

  11. Люба Вострикова Reply

    pleaaaase, film a video about morning routine, what cream do you prefer? You look fabulous!)))) I love your videos:)))))))))))

  12. Sam A Reply

    worth watching the entire vlog thx Janni :D

  13. Soso Nordin Reply

    Åh, vad hemtrevligt att få denna video rekommenderad av YT och direkt känna igen en svensk dialekt! ????

  14. Laszlo Molnar Reply

    Best tip! Back up from the carousel! Thank you! :)

  15. Ch 9 Reply

    Do you have to take off jewelry at the security check?

  16. Rebecka Reply

    You are such an inspiration for me Janni, I love your youtube and your blog so much. Yours and Jon´s videos are the best and I never get tired of watching them, makes me wanna travel so bad. Keep up with the good work and have a wonderful day or night (whenever you´re reading this). <3 Xx

  17. Peter Marcher Reply

    What camera do you use? :)

  18. Nadja Uhrenfeldt Reply

    What is the brand of the small suitcase? :-)

  19. Ezequiel Parini Reply

    Rickard should also have a Vlog !!!

  20. Elinerish Reply

    Great vlog!! I would love to see a 'get ready with me'! ☺️

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