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How Much Does It Cost To Travel The World?

In this video I combine the expertise of the inspirational bloggers Chris Guillebeau and Alex Maccaw along with my own experiences to explain how much it costs to travel around various continents. More details and comments at: https://www.lifelisted.com/blog/how-much-does-it-cost-to-travel-the-world/

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  1. Logan R.

    in south americe im spending 20 a day but in europe im spending about a hundered. sometimes if there the something really expensive you want to do. Jeff do it you should be careful about money but if you really want to do it just to go ahead

  2. Sagar Paradkar

    for india…
    i am a student nd i spend around $250 a month only food nd accommodation nd local transport..its really cheap…its been 3yrs i am living here…initially it used to be only $150-$175/ month

  3. Dercian

    I walked from my hometown in the west of the Netherlands to Berlin (no hitchhiking) motels/camping/hotels for about 1500.

  4. MrEinsteinmaniac

    you can live for literally 10 quid a day in India.

  5. hondarider519

    Man, I can backpack Europe for 2 months for around $5000CAD. Nevertheless, your videos do provide some good insight on what to expect and all that stuff

  6. Nia Koehn

    I backpacked across US for $1800 for 6 months…10 bucks a day for food and food alone.

    Truth been told, there's no country that i've been to where i cant live with 10 bucks a day.

  7. Edward Travels

    Great tips!!!

  8. Eric Einárson

    Some of these estimates do seem blown out of proportions; you can live on $30-40 a day in India, for example, I'd go so far to say as $40-$50 easily in places like Vietnam, Cambodia etc.

    Or you can go to places like Bolivia where a bed in a hostel will cost you $4 for the night…

  9. Dean Seeley

    I'm from India, Calcutta. The average living cost here, for locals, is about.. 200$/month. Ofcourse, if you're a traveler and want to live more luxuriously, it's going to get higher. But even then, 400$ converted to about 40,000INR should be enough to keep you afloat. Other cities here are more expensive. But, being the third of the 4 metropolitan cities in the country, it's actually really really cheap. I can spend an entire day here and not even spend a full dollar on food and local traveling combined, if I compromise a little bit.

    I want to travel too. I'm about to join college this year. Would you happen to have some advice for me?

  10. L López

    You can live in Venezuela with $2000 USD/year. No kidding!

  11. macbain59

    how did you spend 1750 in SEA? Vietnam could be done for 1000

  12. Shark jaws

    I spent more than 1750 USD in Thailand. I did do some activities, but I dont know where the bulk of money went. I did have a good time though.

  13. EliteWolf98

    $22000 wtf. This person staying in 5 star hotels lol

  14. Luka and Sammi

    Loved this video. Check out our channel. Subscribe for videos of my America travel videos starting June 2016!! ????????????????????

  15. Lloyd Evans

    buy a boat rather than fly

  16. BEE

    Im going to SE Asia for 15 weeks including 1 week in Sydney do you think £4000 is a good amount to take?

  17. Filip Kovac

    come in croatia here 6 member -families are suriving with 700 dollars a month

  18. kidokacio

    So Cute!

  19. Keyboard Crusader

    $1750 a MONTH in SE Asia? Holy shit man where are you staying, the Ritz? Hostels should cost you around $10 per night and food is about $5 per day..

  20. Andre Brito

    I make about 7000€ per year after taxes, when i have the luck of working the whole year. My question is. Where do you get all that monney?