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How to Choose the Best Cruise Line

What’s the best cruise line in the world? That depends on who you ask. There are over 20 major cruise lines sailing the seas today, and no two are exactly alike. Some lines are perfect for those who want to learn and explore, while others attract cruisers who want to relax all day and party all night. Winding up on the wrong ship can turn your vacation into a disaster, so cruise expert Morgan O’Brien will show you how to compare the most popular cruise lines by giving you a quick rundown of Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Disney, Celebrity, Princess, Holland America, and Cunard.

Chart for Comparing Cruise Lines: https://cruiseline.com/advice/how-to-book/pick-a-line/how-to-compare-the-best-cruises-lines

Quiz: What’s your perfect cruise line? https://cruiseline.com/advice/how-to-book/pick-a-line/quiz-what-cruise-line-is-right-for-you

Infographic: What’s the difference between types of cruise lines? https://cruiseline.com/advice/how-to-book/pick-a-line/what-are-the-differences-between-cruise-lines
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  1. USFanLovesMinHo

    Disney actually cost's more than Celebrity and the same or sometimes more than Princess as well. I would have included Disney as an upscale family cruise line. We have cruised Disney and loved the cruise, and find their ships to be very classy and the crew always treated us like royalty. For mainstream, we really like Norwegian (Jewel Class ships are our favorite) and RCCL (Voyager, Oasis & Quantum class ships are our favorites). Have never cruised Carnival, but would like to try the Breeze and Vista.

  2. Caleb Sen

    Morgan is this a new channel? subbed!!!

  3. Renate cannons

    More videos from Morgan ; informative and fun. I never even considered cruising as a holiday option until I watched Morgan's unofficial travel guides , which led me to here.

  4. Kristen Taylor

    royal carribean

  5. Bruce Johnson

    Being an avid Disney cruiser, I looked forward to seeing the Disney take.  Just a couple of things missed, I think more for the sake of time constraints. First. Since Disney is its own movie production company, they're able to offer first run Disney films in a rather large movie theater with Imax screens and in some cases in 3D. For example; one year we were on the Fantasy when Oz the great and powerful had just come to theaters. Since it was a Disney film, we were able to watch it in Imax 3D with no extra cost.The second thing and I can not confirm that no other cruise line does this. They have rotational dining, where you go to one of three different dining rooms each night. The best thing though is that you keep the same waiters each night, regardless of what dining room you're in. A great benefit to that is the waiters get to know what you like and can help you find items on the menu that might appeal to you even if you don't notice it.To be honest, Disney is very expensive, but from my own personal experience, I felt it was worth every penny we spent.