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How to Cruise Cheap

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  1. joe

    book way in advance? I found that it is cheaper to book within 90 days of
    the cruise. If you want to save $$, DO NOT take shore excursions provided
    by the cruise lines. You can get excursions for less then half from tour
    guides waiting on the shore. I lost count as to how many cruises I have
    been on. Try vacations to go web site

  2. lsadp

    some interesting points,but anyone interested in
    how to save money on disney cruise drinks look at *Banfan Crazy Cruise
    Saver* (do a google search)? my brother in law uses it pretty good 

  3. Bryce Kroll

    coolio but no sound effects please’

  4. p154831

    how about “how to go to an all inclusive resort with airfare to cancun for
    cheap?” 🙂 7 nights starting with the first night on November 16,17 or 18,
    2012. I’m looking for a good hotel below $1000

  5. IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

    Which airport would you be flying out of? You should check out some of the
    all inclusive deals in Negril, Jamaica.

  6. IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

    @p154831 There is prolly a great connection from there to Sangster
    International. You should fly there then take a Cessna over to Negril
    airport and party at Hedonism 2 for a few days. Crazy all inclusive place!

  7. p154831

    ohare. ord