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How to Fly with No Jet Lag – Travel Tips from David Wolfe

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  1. ron russell

    excellent …

  2. Rosalind Tan

    Tried smuggling in some water the last time but was taken away before
    boarding. Plastic bottled water was sold at $8 per bottle on board. I dry
    fasted that day.

  3. Dale Richardson

    That’s what megahydrate is for — taking 5-9 capsules of that should help
    with avoiding dehydration while flying. I presume..

  4. facelessfatloss

    Some airports have water fill-up stations for a water-bottle (I use a glass
    one). I still don’t use them unless I’m desperate, going on the assumption
    they’re fluoride treated, at least here in the states. Endlessly
    frustrating to find readily available clean water sources, to say it pisses
    me off would be the understatement of the decade. Our greatest need after
    air and the powers that be insist on putting virtual meds in it. Don’t ADD
    to our water!! Don’t get me started.

  5. pathsounds

    Excellent video. Gotta love David Wolfe, man…

  6. Me

    He means the water YOU BRING through security as they will not let you
    bring your own spring water in anything larger than 3 oz. So instead you
    bottle a few small (2 oz or 3 oz) miron glass bottles of spring water.
    Remember the water you buy IN the airport is PLASTIC WATER!!! NOT the best
    ever. Same for on the plane.