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How to Get an Airline Upgrade

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No cash? No miles? No worries. Wangle your way into a better seat with sky travel-savvy tips.

Step 1: Get bumped
Get bumped if your flight is oversold, a very common occurrence. It means you’ll take a later flight, get significant credit with the airline, and possibly be upgraded to a better seat for free.

Step 2: Book directly
Book directly with the airline by phone or with a travel agent and ask to have an “OSI” code added to your passenger record, which means “other significant information.” If your job is impressive enough, they may opt to move you on up.

Step 3: Scour websites
Scour websites like eBay and travel sites to find first class fares at severely discounted prices. Read all the fine print before purchasing, and follow all the rules that come with the ticket.

Step 4: Book and arrive early
Book an early flight, arrive early, and check for available upgrades at check in, which may be available for a small fee. Agents are less harried early on and may look kindly upon your request.

Always ask nicely. Demands for upgrades are never well received.

Step 5: Elicit sympathy
Elicit sympathy from the gate agent if you’re late for a connecting flight or have been otherwise inconvenienced by the airline. They want your business and may upgrade you to keep you coming back.

Step 6: Board late
Arrive at the gate early, but be the last to board. Agents are scanning for upgrades at that time.

Dress well, preferably in a suit or nice dress. If you look first class, you’re more likely to get first class.

Step 7: Ask the flight attendant
Ask the flight attendant if you can be moved up. Know that they can only move you if your seat is broken or you have a problem with the person sitting next to you. And, yes, body odor is a legitimate problem.

Did You Know?
American Airlines was the first airline to introduce a frequent flyer program in 1981.

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    Yeah this is out of date. All of the legacy carriers don't give away upgrades any more. Even if you volunteer – you stay in your original class of service. Most agents don't have the authority to offer you a free upgrade. Many airlines discipline their employees for doing so.

    Also the OSI field is worthless. Most airlines ignore the code completely. It's usually used to throw in the travel agency's name.

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    When I was 10 I flew by myself about 500 miles. The flight attendants gave me the "economy plus" seat and put me in front so I could get more attention

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    One of my tips is when you get to the gate, and this has to be EARLY (45 min before flight at least). Ask the gate agent if it is a full flight and offer your seat if they need one. This will cause you to be one of the last to board, but many times it has turned into an upgrade to Business or First because I was nice, waited around, and basically made the gate agents life easier knowing they had a volunteer there should there be a bump. Yes, the bumps did happen and I always made the most of it with a nice freebie, dinner/hotel, etc and even a first class seat on the next flight.

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    I had a broken seat on Avianca, wouldn't stay upright kept reclining on its own. Asked maybe they could put me into business, nope placed me into another economy seat, oh well lucky it was a short flight! Phew!!

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