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Getting paid to travel is a dream job for many. But it’s not impossible! Here are ten ideas on how to get paid to see the world!

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About the Author
Technician in electronic's full time Webmaster in spare time Trying to make a living :)
  1. Jean Wandimi

    I love this . It is so informative. I am curious, if one has a travel blog/vlog? How do you get tourism boards/ companies/ destinations to partner with you?

    Love from Kenya.

  2. Aldora LaPlume

    I got my TEFL certification, some saved up money from being a server and a one way ticket to Costa Rica. Lets see where life takes me.

  3. Leo Antony

    you guys are so refreshing :)


    I just notice this video, You have been in Thailand!!!! So how long time ago?
    PS. THANKS for great ten ideas.

  5. Sandy Cheeks

    I always wanted to be a photographer and travel the world so I guess I'll just take pictures of the environment while traveling at the same time YAYA

  6. Baptiste Crozat

    Great ideas ! Wish you the best in your travels :)

  7. Kyle Clark

    I'm 15 and im definitly traveling the world right after I get put of highschool or right when I turn 18

  8. Iskandar Shah

    Ermmm Southeast asia (minus) Singapore.

  9. zain zahid

    Who is the song by? I looked all over for Jaw'n but cant find this song and the Soundcloud link doesn't work…

  10. The Beauty And The Brain Room

    hi… for teach English program… what are the certificates required? Any lead on which are genuine places to get in touch with for this?

  11. Rapper Mayookh Roy

    do business at home , get money, visit on country at a time so that if u start travelling from a decent age u might actually visit all the interesting countries mostly to rich ones i suppose no one want to visit syria , and try not to get married this way u'll save a lotta money for yourself and u may also travel business class. who knows!

  12. emilie3brioche

    hey i loved your video , i did a video of my travel in french riviera check it out :)

  13. Aishwardeep Kaur

    As a university student with a passion for travelling but almost no money, the dream to travel after graduation seemed a bit far fetched but your video has helped put some things in perspective. Thank you for making this video. Cheers! :D

  14. Scott Robertson

    Hey, great video! I was just wondering where 1.34 in the film is? Cheers

  15. Jacqueline Freedman

    Do you have to be 100% fluent in the language of the country you would be teaching English in? I would love to go to Spain and teach English there once I graduate from college, however I'm not completely fluent in Spanish. I still have some time to finish learning the language, but if I'm not completely fluent, would I still be able to teach?

  16. music201035

    becoming a flight attendant is one of the hardest job. the priority of this job is to keep people safe not just travelling

  17. bangtan trash

    Very useful video!

  18. Aashish Pawgi


  19. Vincent Séguin

    Did Au pair and study abroad, about to start working in a foreign country, vlogging at my time! The Tips in the video work for real! Pack your bags go explore the world!

  20. Mihai Volintiriu

    I want to travel the world as a travel photographer. Hope that works out well 🙂 Thanks for the tips though