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How to Look Like a Parisian

If you’re staying in one of the Paris hostels you may wonder how you are going to fit into the elegant Parisian style. Here are some tips.

If you’re staying in one of the excellent Paris hostels while visiting the city, you may come to wonder how it is that the Parisian locals always look so fabulous and chic. Why is it? It is something that baffles and intrigues us in equal measure! Is it born or do they learn their innate sense of style?

Famous for its fashion Paris may be, but so are New York, London and Milan. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the locals themselves boast such style, but in Paris they just seem to have that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. From the moment you arrive and book in to your choice of Paris hostels, you’ll be drawn to notice the way Parisians manage to carry off their chic and stylish image with such aplomb. Here are a few tips that just may help your own fashion style.


Chunky sunglasses are a must in the French capital, come rain or shine, and if a Parisian isn’t wearing their ‘lunettes de soleil’, they are without an important part of their make-up. They seem to have no fear about what others will think of their over-stated sunglasses, and instead appear to use them to attract attention and project confidence.

What About Handbags?

If you’re staying in one of the Paris hostels you may not have brought your designer handbag with you, but by observing the locals, it’s clear that the bags carried by these elegant ladies are never any bigger than their dogs! This is fine, though, as lapdogs are de riguer; they’re welcome in cafes and even accepted on the furniture! In fact, Parisian dogs are just another essential fashion accessory. The handbags themselves tend to be quilted and handheld as well as designer of course.

Be Co-ordinated

Every French person, male or female, seems to exude co-ordinated chic. Outfits look like they have been days in the planning, and probably have. Hairclips match socks and coats match brooches and, although it may seem trivial to the rest of us, the result is always eye catching. No matter what they say, it does take some effort to look that effortlessly styled.

Make the Effort

With that in mind, it bears mentioning that Parisians never have a ‘bad hair day’, a ‘fat day’ or a ‘lazy day’ – they make an effort no matter what. No sloppy tracksuit bottoms or hanging out in baggy kaftan tops – Parisians dress well and make themselves feel and, consequently, look better if they’re having a bad day!

Make-Up or Not?

For French ‘ladies of a certain age’, make-up is a definite necessity; for the younger set, at the very least, just a slick of lip-gloss is always the finishing touch. The men, however, appear to be able to choose between the ‘rough and ready’ look and a very groomed appearance and still pull off Parisian chic.

Other things to note when considering why Parisians always look so great is that the men always appear to wear scarves or polo necks, rendering them very elegant and rather dashing. Gold is the metal of choice when it comes to jewellery and fur is as common as denim in this city.

When you come for a stay in one of the Paris hostels, you may only have a backpack and some flip-flops with you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy admiring the famous Parisian style on the locals. And who knows, with the tips aboveFree Reprint Articles, a little of that wonderful style may just rub off…

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