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How to Pack a Backpack: REI Experts

The experts at REI show how to properly pack a backpack to maximize space and comfort. Check out REI’s selection of backpacks at: https://bit.ly/reihikingpacks

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  1. Ryan Olmstead

    can someone tell me what size his bag is 60l? I need skmething that size.


    what is the name of this backpack?

  3. Andrew Zax

    name of this backpack ??

  4. ChristofferEricsater

    Hi, thanks for a great video!
    Question: for a three day hiking trip with a dog, how much food, when it comes to dried food should one carry? It starts feeling like half my bag ends up being only food by now… Still trying to reduce weight here… But food was a tough one when it comes to how to reduce its' weight.. Any suggestions of what to think of? Is having half of your bag weight in food too much or common?

  5. Preet Tavadia

    What pack is that ?

  6. AJ Usog

    not helpful

  7. mustafa juventino

    man i wanna go there !

  8. Stonnie Dennis

    Great, simple explanation. Thanks!

  9. Zahinn

    this lady reminds me of president Obama for some reason

  10. dungokunyet

    really helpfull tips

  11. mdocod

    The demonstration depicts a near perfect upright posture while hiking with an internal frame "barrel" pack. In reality, this would only be true if you were packing nothing but pillows into the mountains. In the real world, you will be carrying gear, and in a pack of that size, ~40-50lbs of it, possibly more depending on many factors. I love the comfort of modern suspension systems on internal frame packs, they are very comfortable but even when loaded as correctly as possible, these packs will still force a forward tilted posture while hiking. Since everyone wants to look like a mountaineer when they hike trails, the demand for technological advancement in external frame packs fell off the map, even though they could be far superior for typical trail hiking comfort that 99% of people actually use these for if given the same attention to comfort advancements. 

    /rant off

    I would prefer it if they weren't "hiding" the reality of the internal frame backpack with false "stuffing" material, and I would also love to see a brand bring back a mainstream external frame pack with a proper modern suspension/padding system applied.

  12. Rufus Herring

    Water IN the bag??? WTF? Water goes on a bottle outside the bag so you can access it frequently. What about the tent and sleeping mat? Are we supposed to sleep under the rain? The tent goes on the bottom and it is the heaviest item so it is inaccurate to say put the heaviest item on your back, a tent will fill out a backpack too much, it goes on the outside. Also maps don't go into bags, they go in a special waterproof case which you wear around your neck or in your cargo trouser pocket so you can get it often, because that is what a map is for, not stuffing in a bag so you have to take off your pack every time to reach a crossroad. Gawd, I would NOT pack a bag this way.

  13. Jake BD

    She talks like she could be Bill Clinton's sister

  14. Trenton Van Ooteghem

    Never use two words when one will do. Nice concise video. That pack looks amazing, all I have is a Vietnam era pack that I got from an army surplus store, maybe it's time to do some shopping ….

  15. Nona urbiz

    common sense aproach qucik and easy to remember.

  16. Gabriel Calderón

    The speaker's hand movements and the tone of voice remind me of Obama. 

    Thanks for the video.

  17. jublywubly

    Great video. This is by far the best described and easiest to remember list for packing a back pack, I've seen. :)

  18. Mark Frederick

    chould be longer..but quick and to the point is good !