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I filmed this before I went to Melbourne so check out my social media for pictures that I have posted while I was there!

Last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GusL5Q0bCDE

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  1. bruhitsklera

    I'm going to nice (France) tomorrow and I haven't even packed yet like noooo ahhhh

  2. Teri Pim

    how old is she

  3. RandomStrangers

    Do you live in NZ or Australia

  4. Sarah Munro

    Where did you get ur blue head phones from???!!!!

  5. Hifa Zaman

    Best traveling thingnsn????????????????????⛱⛱????

  6. Allycat loves you

    I'm going to l.a IN 2 DAYS SOOO HELP MEEEE

  7. Caspar 246

    Where are your headphones from they are soooo cool☺

  8. Ani Chakhalyan

    Loved the video ???? But if you bring water you will be stoped at security instead bring an empty reusable water bottle and fill it up past security. And i dont think they will let you take sisors eather… Hope it was helpful????

  9. Duaa Noel

    I've been watching these videos already even tho I'm not leaving until October… ????

  10. yourbeautybyhiba

    7 days and i will be in greece ???????????????????? i can't wait
    btw i love you

  11. Flower Power23


  12. Denise Vargas

    oru. iwod

  13. Maria Elisa Orchard

    You can`t take scissors on your carry-on or they will stop you at security

  14. Andra Dom

    I'm going to Black sea in august , and I'm packing rn ????????

  15. Samantha O'Neill


  16. Elle Bills

    I go on holiday early Tuesday morning ???? im so exited ????????

  17. Irene Liao

    My trip to Australia in 4 days❤️????SURPER EXCITING

  18. Maria Lopes

    Another tip is to roll your cloth

  19. iamthekittycat