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How to Pack for Vacation! Packing Tips & Hacks!

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Today I’m bringing you a video where I’m showing you what and how to pack for vacation! These tips, tricks, and life hacks are helpful for spring break or if you’re going on an airplane. I hope this is helpful!

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  1. Anna Mugure

    she forgot snacks…I always need snacks when I go for a vacation

  2. Ashley Luna

    I love your handwriting…so flawless

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    The handwriting! Love it!

  4. Rebecca Portbury

    My summer holidays just started and I am going to Ireland in 5 days

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  7. Sarsha Angel

    dId you pack you pjs!!!! ????

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  9. BeastGameing ArifTR

    thanks for the vid !!! going to turkey in 7 days!!!

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    you're too close to the microphone ????

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    Your handwriting is so neat

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  16. A RJ

    For the carry on, you're missing a lot of basic items (especially if it's a long flight, you'll need a lot more). What about a pillow, snacks, lip balm, lotion, passport if internationally traveling, wallet, chargers, phone?

  17. isabella cusano

    Omg your handwriting is so neat ????

  18. PolarBearMoment

    Omg I have the same suitcase!

  19. nohemi

    This helps! I'm going to DC Thursday and staying for three days.

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    This was perfect, especially with summer right around the corner!