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How to pack & tips for Cruising. Great guide for Carnival, Norwegian, Princess, & Royal Caribbean

Great list of ideas for packing for your cruise. Also listing cabin reviews and where to stay on the ship.
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  1. Steve Billmire

    Even though this is a old video, I understand that you want to give the room steward a break. These people actually have a supervisor who inspect the room to make sure that they are up to cruise standards.

  2. Darling Nelcy

    you are such a beautiful soul…Thank you for all the tips. well appreciated

  3. My MEGA amazing life!

    Great video! Loved the tip about taking care of your room stewards even though we don't have to tip here in Australia ???????? it's still nice to make sure they are not taken for granted. Can't wait to see the booze video haha

  4. Edward Cameron

    this video is awesome and your an awesome person!

  5. East Carolina

    I want to bring my favorite weed on board but I'm not interested in being locked up abroad.

  6. leoox1961

    That's good information,  laundry soap ,  helping the staff, good stuff, thanks friend.

  7. Darlene Becker

    Great tips. Thank you. I really appreciated the tip about getting a larger room and the A/ C advice.

  8. betaomega04

    The bottled water on Carnival ships is priced reasonably…12 half-liter bottles for $3. If you purchase in advance, they'll have it in your room by the time you embark!

    Also…take a couple of power strips and an old-school alarm clock!!!

  9. Iris Rivera

    Great Advice! I've been on 5 cruises and didn't know these tips. Thanks for sharing = and I agree with you = you are not being cheap – u r being money-smart! & I love the tip about taking care of the steward & I wish I knew this before- I feel bad I asked him to do the max for me; when I could have done it myself! I will certainly take care of my steward on my next cruise this year. Thanks again!

  10. Sauce God

    Thank you so much for the tips. It was very helpful.

  11. coldhoist

    Regarding tipping——treat people the way you want to be treated. It will come back to you.

  12. Tammy Noel

    Just watched your video great tips!

  13. bigalsimmons1

    why pay 5 dollars for water on a Carnival WHEN YOU CAN PAY 0 FOR A WATER ON DISNEY OH AND FREE SOFT DRINKS ALL 24/7

  14. Meg Alicia

    Hey Adam
    What cabin type and number was/is that? I have never seen a cabin like that before and I have been on many.

  15. VirgoDar

    Everybody would like a bigger room, but is it not true that rooms on the front and the back in particular feel the most movement?

  16. Gipsy Baladad

    We always go on Carnival and it's a great cruise line for families. We have also been on Royal Caribbean and Norwegian but I have compared and they are all about the same, so why spend more. You are correct, no more water on Carnival but they do allow a box of 12 cans of sodas and one wine per person. Have fun cruising.

  17. dani0624

    I'm going on my first cruise 10/2016 & have been watching lots of videos. That $5 water the ship wants to charge you for is $1 is Dollar Tree so I know they must pay less for it ????. Thanks for the great tips.

  18. j wenhold

    What about an iron? We are sailing Royal Caribbean and don't want to have wrinkled clothes. Thanks!

  19. LA Woman68

    Great tips!  Carnival is awesome. We always have a great time. No boring cruises for us! Thanks.