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How to Prepare for a Long Plane Ride

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  1. Traumatized Feline

    The face at 0:56….Creepy.

  2. MrOTBxTrains

    step 1: eat a full plate of pot brownies 

  3. salma nekmard


  4. Raj Dehal

    In Heathrow airport we can take as much stuff as we want lol

  5. Ernani Joppert

    Audio Books are a must, as well as a seat with A/C power to charge laptops
    or tablets…a Kindle is also great! Don’t forget reading glasses if you
    are prone. For smokers, some nicorette helps reduce the nicotine craving.

    If the plane does not provide A/C plugs on your seat, consider getting some
    battery pack that can charge some USB devices.

  6. Daniel Tosi

    step 1:kill someone

  7. Amer Dzeko

    Just bring your phone lmao

  8. The Nacho Queen

    If you’re with friends or family, the middle seat isn’t bad at all!
    (Speaking from experience)

  9. Olivia M

    I’ve got a 13 hour flight from Sydney to LA and it’s my first time on a
    sleep trip. And it’s my first time overseas so it’s a lot to take in I

  10. Mai Fahy

    Next week i am going to Thai land i can speak Thai cap that means thank you

  11. Freddy the bear

    The face at 00:57……hahahahahahaha

  12. The Nacho Queen

    If you’re with friends or family, the middle seat isn’t bad at all!
    (Speaking from experience)

  13. Kyla Janelle

    Going to London from LA next month. 10 and a half hour flight. Kiiiinnnndda
    freaking out.

  14. Raj Dehal

    I went to India and it took 1 day and a 1/2

  15. Taylor Lamar

    There’s no way that they will let you bring all that stuff on a plane. 

  16. Mai Fahy

    Step 1: wake up just wake up

  17. Barira Qaiser

    Im going to pak on Thursday

  18. HalloIchBinDie Anja

    I’m going to hong kong soon, the flight will be 14 hours long with one stop

  19. Berger Man

    Extra Tip: Before booking your flight, make sure to clear your cookies on
    your web browser. The more times you’ve booked a flight on that website,
    the higher the prices will be (this applies with almost every flight

  20. Luke Fisher

    Edwards AFB To Mirimar AFB in an F-15E ;)

  21. R For RANDOM

    I love being in plane everyone is afraid of hights but really a plane isnt
    scary at all

  22. Brenardo Sanchez

    Going on a 6 hr flight to Maui, on Friday the 13th

  23. Sam B

    OK, about that last fun fact, I would rather be stuck in a airplane for
    three hours than be stuck in a car for one hour. And the dentist is much
    worse than a plane flight. Dentist? BOO! Plane ride? YAY!

  24. KrisNteenerx

    next week, Im going to LA from SG and it took 17 hours 15 min, 1+ stop. So
    I’ll guess i have to prepare everything before taking off. I have anxiety
    and fear of flying 🙁 But this would help me for sure. This not my first
    time flight but it been so long .. 

  25. Anthony Grigorian

    0:47 GBA SP