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How to Travel Dominican Republic Caribbean – Vacation Travel Safety Tips

Hi Everyone! My friends call me Mr.T and the crazy guy you see on the quad bike having a blast, that’s me! Alright, so you’re planning a vacation to a developing country, and, of course, you want your trip to be amazing, yet still safe and headache free, so you can return with great memories and even higher confidence for travelling abroad in the future. Well all of this is definitely possible, especially if you follow the advice of the versed travelers and experienced expats in this documentary.

At the moment we’re visiting the North Coast of the Dominican Republic ( Caribbean ), and in this episode I’ll be sharing both my own travel tips, as well as talking to different travelers and expats to gain their knowledge, so your future vacations can be both safe and fun. Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Ra Mar (Ramar)


  2. Delightful Travellers

    Amazing channel. Well done! We truly loved it.

  3. Hannah Whittington

    Mr T where are you from? I cannot place your accent, I am from New Zealand, and it sounds somewhat similar but I can't put my finger on it exactly!

  4. John R

    These white men predator men should be banned. all they do is exploit and take advantage of locals. these Pedophiles are the scum of the earth and COWARDS!!!

  5. Janice Debidien

    Hi Mr.T. coming down to santo domingo soon. thanks for all the really handy tips. Can u give me some information about the safety in santo domingo.

  6. Linda Walker

    Thank you for this excellent video. Very very informative and realistic. l have been to the DR several times. l have tried all inclusive resorts, villas, friends homes and actually  twice living in the  country  in a haitian refugee camp.  Learning some basic spanish helps and travelling with a pocket size dictionary is important. The last time l was there, let`s say about 3 and a half years ago moto conchos were somwhere between 20 to 25 pesos and local taxis around 25 to 50. As for the gua guas depending where your going it started at 5 to about 25, chickens included. From Puerto Plata to Sosua it cost me 15, maybe because l spoke spanish with the driver or gave him a bottle of wáter. And yes Haitians are great people.

  7. Mathieu Tallard

    You are exagerating a bit for taxi from puerto plata airport to town for 50-100 pesos for those outside airport area. That was in 1916. I say that because moto concho always ask for 100 -200 for simple short ride and if you offer 50 pesos, they say they will do it for free and if you agree on the free thing, they come back with the 100 -200 pesos. Dominican people are oK in most part except for those in tourist areas and even more if you have to deal with them. They can be real shit.

  8. Ra Mar (Ramar)

    You have to be careful about the "tigueres" in the back ground. Country is full of them committing crimes. What a shame, such a beautiful country gone to ruins.  Should have passed out birth control pills. That guy thinks he is hot. Poor thing.

  9. Juan Diaz

    Good vídeo many congratulation

  10. Tony Montana

    Wow great video Mr T, very informative, fun and leaves me wanting to learn more. I enjoy your personal interviews and sights and sounds, great editing too.

  11. Joseph Moreus

    also great information about traveling around, car rentals, motoconches and traveling in a place where nobody follows traffic rules.Don't give up passport when renting and get full insurance when renting a car. also good tips on food.

  12. Joseph Moreus

    I wish I had seen this 10 years ago when I first arrived. This is excellent introduction to the reality of the north shore. Too many gringos are a target for hustlers and become victimized. Great tips for people who visit here and even those who have been living here for a while. I live here and every thing Mr.T presents is right on the money. Pay attention . This is a real perspective of the local hustles that could save a person from having a bad experience.

  13. Marco Morales

    Great Video Very accurate and must know for all the future Tourist traveling to the North Coast Of the Dominican Republic!! Great Keep on the good job with these informative Videos!!

  14. Ileana J

    really insight full. really loved your video. I studied hospitality and tourism, and def enjoyed it

  15. Manny Minaya

    It's pathetic to to abroad and feel superior to the natives, in from Santiago and we couldn't Care less about tourist(in a good way)

  16. Andrés Bernardo Rohde

    Thanks for your video….i have seen watching it, its nearly the same situation comparing with Isla Margarita, where i was living nearly 20 years like a guide travelling on the island and mainland venezuela…

  17. Real Dominican

    This is funny! Bro DR is not a third world country, everything you need is over there! Trust me I'm Dominican but raised in the USA. One tip just look out for thieves!!

  18. Alexander Barkhouse

    Thanks Mr T, I really like what you've put together. It will be my first trip down there on March 9th :)

  19. NicePeopleNetworking

    We highly recommend this video to anyone who wants to learn good tips on safe travel to the North Coast (Sosua – Cabarete – DR) from a mix of their local expats – entertaining, down to earth and informative!