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How To Travel & Help ???? PbP Crew

We’re young guys united by our similar interests and vision of helping people worldwide.That’s why we decided to create Peace by Piece with the intention of traveling, exploring the world while volunteering and paying back the communities of the places we visit.

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  1. Ian Wanley

    Great that Den. All the best, brother :)

  2. strabengas

    Well done Den!! Wish you guys all the best with hope of extreme success in this project!!! Big hug…and "Together we stand"!!

  3. Kenya Young


  4. Robin Hood

    VI STIMO !!!

  5. Damodhara “Revolución Pacífica” Prakash Dasi

    Hare Krsna mi querido amigo Denn, que alegria saber ti y de este hermoso proyecto, muchas bendiciones para todos ustedes, gran abrazo :3 Les deseamos lo mejor .. Prata y yo :D

  6. We Welch

    Great project for the enhancement of humanity. Thank you for taking your vision and making it a reality…

  7. Raffaela di vincenzo


  8. AlexTorinesi VideoEffects

    Good job man!!

  9. Tele Capo

    Big up my friend #peacebypiece !!!! Supporto da Capo !!!

  10. Shane Hatton

    This is a really good thing you are doing I respect and admire the this orginazation what a wonderful and selfless thing you don't see this anymore and you guys are great.

  11. Ernest Kronberg

    All the respect to you guys! You are making our world better! Thank you for that!

  12. Kārlis Ozoliņš

    I really respect that you are helping people! If somehow more I can help, just let me know. All the best!!!

  13. Ryan Spenlab

    hi i ready like and share ur videos simon den and michel!!

  14. spiral23chivasS

    ¡¡¡ amigos mios me emocionan mucho !!! que noble aventura la que estais viviendo, estoy con vosotros 🙂 Sois el cambiamento que quieren ver en el mundo… namaste

  15. Pilamaye Dreams Factory

    GREAT GUYS! state facendo molto, donare icondizionatamente parte della vostra vita vi rende nobili!