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How to Travel the World ???? Step 1 : Planning the Adventure

How to Travel the World ???? Step 1 : Planning the Adventure

This summer, I did a little bit of traveling, and I’ve gotten a million questions since on everything to do with travel. How I planned it, how I could afford it, where to even begin planning a journey like that, etc. Because of all these questions, I’ve decided to start a travel series to answer all your questions! In this video, we go into step number 1: planning the adventure. Enjoy! ❤️


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  1. Sam's somewhere Reply

    This is a great video! So helpful!
    My one piece of advice when it comes to planning is to just GO FOR IT! We could all sit there for ages planning every single trip detail, especially if you're a bit nervous/first time, but you just have to be courageous and decisive! It'll be an amazing experience regardless if you "get every box checked".

  2. shubhankar Jadhao Reply

    awesome video… I always wanted to travel my some favourite places.
    This video really gave me perfect HEADSTART.. thanks

  3. Alexandra Fournier (WhereInTheWorldisLexi) Reply

    just dicovered you! great content. loved it. thx a mil! looking forward to more…

  4. Wolf Lunar Reply

    I hope your next video is another travel video like this. I am planning on backpacking with my mom in europe (her dream place to visit) so these videos will come in handy!!!!

  5. The Way Away Reply

    Great video!

  6. ochretide Reply

    Can't wait for more travel videos!

  7. Lesly Wilson Reply

    Best travel advice video I've seen yet, thank you!!!! Also would love to learn more , video of traveling frugally would be great hope to see one in the future.

  8. Gabrielle Larson Reply

    I just found your channel… Omg I love it! Sooo helpful! ???? Just curious if you have a packing tips and what backpack you used? Or are you going to do another video on that? Thank you so much!

  9. Edward Wanambwa Reply

    Awesome video. Thanks so much.

  10. Jessica123 Reply

    Random website I found with such neat travel accessories ! This one lets you wash your clothes in the bag… Just thought it may be useful!

  11. K.Monet Reply

    hello! im interested to know more about working from home. How do you like it? How does taxes work (not specifically your taxes lol) and how do you apply for it? I would love to work from home if i could make a living off of it?

  12. bthoreson13 Reply

    Caty, what do you use to edit your videos?

  13. Erin Gowins Reply

    Loved this! You did such a fantastic job editing! I can't wait to see more of this series!

  14. amydrauch Reply

    WAHOOO CATY thank you for this and being you, you frickin rock girl

  15. Shannon S Reply

    Awesome video Caty! And did you film this with your new Camera? The quality is amazing!

  16. Chessie Leal Reply

    This video turned out really nice! All your hard work shows. :)

  17. Martina Vitas Reply

    I really liked this,the editing is awesome!

  18. Violet Delusions Reply

    Oh, also, I'd love to see a video about you traveling with Blake (basically a video of someone very adventurous traveling with someone more reserved and uncomfortable, but still willing and interested to travel). My boyfriend is very outdoorsy and active, but I'm just getting into the lifestyle, and while I have a huge longing to travel, my anxiety over it often holds me back. A video with tips on how to travel in a way that meets both the needs of the adventurer and the more novice partner would be fantastic.

  19. Violet Delusions Reply

    This was so informative!! I've never left the country, but REALLY want to! I'd love to see your frugal video btw :)

  20. Ana O Reply

    This is so good Caty! So detailed & helpful!

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