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Hey guys! This video explains how I travelled all around Asia for 10,000 USD. I saw 10 countries over 7 months and it was the best time of my life.


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The video is broken down by:
1. My Story
PS. The SE Asia Cost list didn’t upload properly for some reasons. So here they are for Mobile viewers who did not see my annotations.

unlimited cellphone data plan 5-12 usd
hostel accomadations 3-8 usd
local meal (rice chicken) 1-4 usd
western food 5-15 usd
beer! 1-2 usd
beer at bar 3-7 usd
shirt 2-7 usd
elephant print pants 5-7 usd
local flight one way 30-75 usd
bus 10-20 usd
sleeper bus/train 28-35 usd
20 minute cab (always ask for meter!) 4-5 usd
stereotypical rice picking hat 3-4 usd
water bottle .5-1 usd
coffee .75-1 usd
ticket into temple 5 usd
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Budget Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/…

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  1. Amanda Round the Globe Reply

    this video is so awesome. I am always telling people that they can travel too! I saved up to travel and people usually assume that I'm rich or my parents pay for this. Not true! I sold all my stuff and saved money just like most other travellers :)

  2. Captain Heinie Reply

    Excellent video and the information was priceless. Thank you for your time.

  3. aryan thakur Reply

    are you serious only 10000 usd fuck?

  4. Bryan Agoncillo Reply

    Since the Philippines is a place you often love to stop buy, why don't you consider talking to a few close Youtuber friends of yours to setup a small KIOSK type business there which would help generate additional income for the both of you. Next time you are in the area, you should observer the small KIOSKs around the mall (food) and see about getting setup with one… Anyway, just an idea…

  5. Gemma Goes Global Reply

    Yes! These are the questions I always get asked. Anyone can travel if they make it a priority. Love your videos :)

  6. Sam's somewhere Reply

    I didn't have time to save a ton of money before travelling, I wanted to leave ASAP. So I got a working holiday visa for Australia and I'll work for a few months, save a bit of money, and go on a trip. I plan on doing the same thing in New Zealand later this year and then working in Thailand next year as well!

  7. hlub ibtxhis Reply

    Christian – your background music is too loud and annoying.. it makes it hard to hear what you are saying.

  8. CNVideos Reply

    The music has singing in it, and you're playing it over your spoken monologue. It makes it hard to listen to.

  9. Tara Liston Reply

    thanks for the tips man, really helpful.heading over with my misses and lad early feb 2017 to Thailand. wanted to ask, did you buy your dive/snorkel mask overseas or in Canada ? just wondering if i should take mine, (wich I've had since jesus played fullback for Jerusalem) or get a new one over there ? cheers, ps Laura is smokin ????

  10. elizabeth armari Reply

    honestly why do u never seem to smile??

  11. kyfkufkufc Reply

    I wish my family would help me out a bit. I come from a poor family that takes my money all the time so saving is very hard.

  12. Sannie Michelle Reply

    great video!! :)

  13. Katrina Gamurot Reply

    Thanks..You inspired me to save money and go travel especially in the Philippines.. :)

  14. RosaLyNNTV Reply

    THANK YOU <3

  15. Marc Reyes Reply

    hi christian! i love your channel and travel vlogs, you inspire me to travel more often! i was wondering how do you make money from you vlogs, photos, videos that you post? where do you upload them? thanks!

  16. Rebecca Smyth Reply

    The spread sheet is a great way to convince your parents that your ready to travel and you aren't going to get somewhere and freak out????

  17. Wendy Lu Reply

    Hi Chris, i wondering where is the place of that waterfall at the start of the video? Thanks

  18. Shark jaws Reply

    $3500 for 3 months = $40/day… thats not bad…

  19. CY Adventures Reply

    wth. I just realized that we have the same age… and yet here I am.. enjoying your vids while I haven't ever been to other countries other than Philippines and Perth and never really travel anywhere on those countries. Shamee. ????

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