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International Travel Tips – From the West Bank

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  1. oldfmfcorpman

    You went right past my home, Kibbutz Yagur, 8 km SE of Haifa…hope you had
    a great time!

  2. ftwbk

    please consider referring to the “west bank” by its Biblical name: Yehuda
    and Shomron. Have a great time and all the best.

  3. Lando Fields

    My dad is from Egypt and I’ve visited there(and other places overseas) a
    few times. I know you’re in Israel but perhaps you will go to an Arab
    country and this will help.

    My travel tip is: Don’t take pictures unless you’re around other tourists
    taking pictures. It will peg you out as a tourist and obviously that you
    have a camera that is worth stealing.

    2nd tip is: Know the culture. If you are a man in the middle east it is
    considered strange to talk to a woman you don’t know. If you are a woman
    don’t travel alone because you compromise your own security.(not a great
    idea for a man to travel alone either if you don’t speak the language
    fluently) People expect tips(a buck) for frivolous things. There is no set
    price(good chance to practice barter lol.) People are ridiculously
    hospitable. All locals assume that all Americans want to eat McDonalds lol.
    If you get a taxi it is considered strange to not talk to the driver. Many
    locals(perhaps most) don’t give a shit about the pyramids or tombs lol. My
    aunt calls them ‘rubbish’ (British English for trash lol.)

    Last tip: Don’t be afraid to speak English to people if you go to Egypt or
    UAE(and maybe some other countries.. Most people speak more English than
    the undocumented immigrants in our country..

    Ok last last tip: Have fun and dive fully into the local culture. :)

  4. HealthyPrepper

    Enjoy your trip PN and have an amazing time! 🙂 You are such an inspiration

  5. Andrew JC

    get better and stay safe over there 

  6. Tactical Viking

    Good luck and take lots of pics!

  7. Gunslinger454

    PN, Happy New Year! And have a safe & fun trip!

    Keeping a flashlight handy at all times is a good tip no matter where you
    are! I keep a 800+ lumen LED tactical flashlight on my belt and a smaller
    but still powerful (190lm on high) single-cell LED flashlight on my key
    chain at all times, and I have probably more than a dozen of those little
    key chain lights (believe it or not the Gerber Bear Grylls model is a good
    one!) attached to different items that I use on a regular basis. That’s
    right here at home where I know the layout and where everything is. I can
    only imagine how much more useful those lights would be in a place I’ve
    never been to before!

  8. ScratchinMyAss

    Patriot Nurse, couldn’t you get out of your comfort zone in say, the
    Bahamas or Hawahii? I have always maintained that you need to relax a
    little bit more. I’m not sure you are in the right place for that. God
    Bless and watch over you. Be safe.

  9. GreenEggsAndHam

    Judea and Samaria is a much nicer name than “West Bank of Jordan”. 🙂 You
    look cool, be safe out there.

  10. artemis sidecross

    I would appreciate a candid view of your visit, but I know this would be a
    difficult subject to write about without upsetting some people on this site.

    I am sure the information you gather will be of great interest to people
    following the political problems of the area.

    I wish I could be one of those small leds on your jacket to witness what
    you see and hear. 🙂 

  11. SkinnyMedic

    I hope you have safe travels!

  12. TheBlackB0X

    Also, 2 day cold?! What’s that about I get 2 week colds :/

  13. Reality Survival

    Great tips! Looking great. Keep up the good work! 

  14. Trubble O'Ryan

    Any more tips on traveling for EDCs + BOBs? I’m going to be in Texas for a
    few weeks + taking my 7 yr old grandson by plane!!! Thanks!

  15. Mexlycan Filmico

    What’s interesting in Israel? A war?

  16. 678way

    Go-Patriot Nurse Girl,…go.

  17. David West

    You sure can’t tell that you’ve had a cold and lost sleep. You look really
    healthy and vibrant. I know this will be a great time of refreshing and
    enjoyment for you… Looking forward to more videos from Israel. Thanks!

  18. jjab99

    Another great video, but how come there is always a bird or two in the
    background of your videos, even in Israel? LOL

    By the way hope you feel better soon.

  19. Dotan Razili

    Great to have you in Israel. if you want to meet and discuss prepping in
    Israel drop me a PM

  20. Bless The Land

    Great video thanks

  21. valhala56

    Yep I liked the vid, there was a Rooster shouting non stop. Can’t wait to
    see new videos come out of your trip.

  22. Prepper Potpourri

    Great tips! You are whetting my travel appetite again. Enjoy your travel

  23. Kevin Burgess

    Airlines should provide re-breathers or at least carbon filter masks.
    Hmmm, there’s a marketing opportunity…
    Fromers guides used to be great for maps. A very small phrasebook in the
    native language is critical too. Even if you speak a little of the local
    dialect, having written text can help you overcome pronunciation issues.
    Just point when you really get stuck, then listen to the native read it and
    emulate the sound.
    Been using small flashlights as zipper pulls for years, even before LED’s.
    They’re essential handy while travelling, where you cannot always count on
    ambient light. That they’re LED light fobs just make them light-weight and
    last longer. Small clips can help you free your hands if other objects must
    be carried on the spur of the moment.
    Oh, and cheap bamboo chopsticks are great for handy eating, splinting, or
    many other uses, and can be carried without question through most airport
    screening areas. Also empty zip-lock baggies can keep receipts or other
    critical paperwork dry. Don’t count on the cleanliness of utensils, or
    non-toxicity of plastics overseas.
    Don’t carry a lot. All of the items I mentioned above should be able to be
    carried by volume in one hand comfortably. They go in pockets neatly &

  24. isotoperesearch11

    Don’t get infected with MERS-CoV.

  25. onebadboy2

    Enjoy your time away in the Holiest of Lands. Keep us updated on what you
    do and what you see as most of us will never be able to go. Thanks for
    everything. MP 101 was awesome and highly recommended to all. See you in
    2014 for MP 201. 

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