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International Travel Tips : Why Do Exchange Rates Vary From Day to Day?

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  1. Ruben Tenorio Reply

    If people undestand the basics of economics,they are not in this
    mess!!!!!.thanks for the basics.

  2. musclecars77 Reply

    c’mon.. didn’t you havee something better.. learn and speak correctly
    (Half knowledge is dangerous)

  3. cjayie Reply

    i’m afraid that video explained nothing to me.

  4. dominicmadeapoop Reply

    who cares….she’s hot

  5. egglot12 Reply

    more confused now trying to follow her explanation

  6. DemonRa70 Reply

    when you’re looking this video…you must listen to eric clapton- tears in

  7. hamchi Reply

    yeah blond chick teaching people about exchange rates, yeah

  8. knowledgeisvictory Reply

    shut up italian95cymru, stupid fuck. you do realize that your mind is a
    frail thing to repost chain letters?

  9. YoukaiLaurana Reply

    Great. feelings and hooie. What about a concrete reason why it varies? Who
    is in charge of determining variations? Why is variation necessary?
    Sometimes currencies are determined down to multiple decimal points. What
    the frick do “feelings” have to do with such exact figures? What equations
    do they even use? “It varies because it varies. FEEELINGS. and stuff.
    *giggle*” [Citation Needed]

  10. gsus7125 Reply

    Um wait. If exchange rates for money vary per day, couldn’t I take about
    2000$ USD one day, wait til the next day and find out which currency went
    up slightly, exchange it, wait the next day and find out what exchange will
    be worthwhile. Each and every day?

  11. lvang10 Reply

    people really need to listen…she explain everything pretty well….

  12. togo002 Reply

    because there are some people who are too greedy to allow an economy that
    doesn’t require money lol ^^

  13. Ghosty1020 Reply


  14. speltips Reply

    lol, so…in short your saying exchangerates vary from day to day becuse
    they vary from day to day :S

  15. SethMcFartlane Reply

    Like such as South Africa and the Iraq.

  16. GDavidson87 Reply

    it took a semester long course to understand how exchange rates work, and
    she wants to do it in 37 seconds?? give me a break, lady!!

  17. Jeff Hendrick Reply

    “the feeling among expert commentators with the monetary situations”, just
    sounds retarded

  18. lowlow gfunk Reply

    come in france biatchhhh

  19. OkNowImWatching Reply

    She actually didn’t explain the phenomena. She only defined it. The reasons
    should be exposed in a video lasting way more than 30 seconds.
    Reprehensible title incongruency to the video itself.

  20. 3446 Reply


  21. xHHH4lifex Reply

    you guys are too funny

  22. Koray Tugay Reply

    +rep +1 whatever

  23. iloveiphone93 Reply

    u r fitter i would

  24. Lifecomesfromwithin Reply

    Whan that April with his showres soote The droughte of March hath perced to
    the roote, And bathed every veine in swich licour, Of which vertu engendred
    is the flowr; That’s what some of your writing made me think of. ;p

  25. zachfisch Reply

    wow she sounds like me when i have to b.s. a paper for school

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