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  1. kimster013

    yassssss carribana im tryna go too

  2. TashaDaily

    Total live in Austin and went to UT and Jester is the worst. #fixitjesus 

  3. MadArtLang

    “you could be drinking French coffee, in France, with French people!”

  4. albinwonderland

    Woo Canada! Where in Canada will you be visiting Ev? 

  5. bd10232003

    Dem red lips had me all distracted and what not! Loving it and the hair! I
    want to travel so bad! I need to just start saving up and do it! Thanks for
    the innanet push!

  6. beloved joy

    great tips…im working on a trip to brazil

  7. Evelyn From The Internets

    International travel tips from your internet cousin. Don’t wait till the
    last minute to get a visa to Nigeria like I did and throw up due to stress.
    I love y’all way too much.

    Free travel planner download in the video description box + all the links
    that have helped me bust out this popsicle stand called the U.S.

  8. frenchiedee

    All good advice Evelyn! Hit me up if you’re in France! Let’s have lunch!

  9. radiant812

    Great advice! My biggest regret with previous air flights, car rentals, and
    hotel stays is not signing up for their reward points or sky miles
    programs! A lot of companies partner so the points can be transferred
    between programs. I can transfer my Hertz Car Rental Gold Points to my
    Marriot Hotels and Rewards Account towards free hotel stays. Southwest
    airlines also has different programs where you can earn miles by making
    online purchases or dining out!!

  10. kokafor934

    This is an awesome video!! You are so funny and these are great trips! I’ve
    been overseas to France but luckily I went with my sister who prepared and
    planned for us. 

  11. SweetTeaDarling

    UMMMM i love your Nairobi accent!! I need to check to see if you you’ve
    done any ACCENT tag videos!!! This video was just so awesome!!!

  12. 88Tonette88

    Yesss!!! You neeeeed to make your way to toronto FORRR SUURE!!!

  13. Rookie Notes

    Good advice!

  14. Yasmin Aden

    Love your videos! I’m from Djibouti but raised in Canada (def recommend
    Toronto; its a great town). I”m currently studying abroad in Sweden; plan
    to visit as much of Europe before I go! Thanks for the tips : )

  15. Alecia Hutton

    LMAO!!!! I just loves ya girl! 

  16. P. Scott

    Caribana is amazing but bring your own flag. And (in my experience) I saw a
    lot of Africans with their home flags so you won’t stand out with yours. 

  17. Krysta Knox

    I’ve been to Jamaica on a trip with my mom. Planning on studying abroad
    this summer in France. Also, just a tip, make sure your name is spelled
    right on all documents. We got a travel agent to book our tickets to Hawaii
    once and he added an “L” to the end of my name. Come time to leave Hawaii,
    they almost made me stay there because the name on my ticket didn’t match
    that on my driver’s license. 

  18. SweetTeaDarling


  19. charice281

    Im trying to get to Canada for my 30th

  20. AliEsteem

    This video was so helpful. I plan to travel more and money and planning are
    always so confusing for me to handle sometimes. Also I dreamed of going to
    Los Angeles, since I was a little girl and I’m here right now as I type
    this. It was a lot of planning, praying and calling family members. I feel
    more confident I can go places now.

  21. ask4beauty

    Last year I prayed to the Almighty God for a career where I can either
    afford to fly wherever I wanted to run races (avid runner here), or a
    career where I have fly benefits. He blessed me with the latter. I plan to
    run about 20 races in North America and about three internationally. I want
    to run a marathon in Greece this year, but I may put that off for next year
    and do other international first. 

  22. Edith Spencer

    An awesome way to save for an international trip: 1) Set up a savings
    account 2) Every week, put the amount of money corresponding to the week.
    so 1 week of the year (like now) put $1 in. Week 20 = $20 and so on. You
    can save up to $1400!

  23. Elshaddai Akindele

    CARI CARI BANANA brap brap its honestly to live

  24. ade52286

    You can’t play with Naija visa o!! That one no be small ting! Great tips.
    Procrastination is the devil when it comes to travel in so many ways. I’m
    trying to go to Nigeria for years, but I procrastinate with my planning.
    Obviously, it’s easier for me to get there, but saving is a [bleep].

  25. Ashley M

    Be Jamaican 🙂 I’m Jamaican