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Japan Travel Tips : How to take a Taxi in Japan

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  1. Samantha Tocco

    Very informative and simple. Japan is my #1 dream city to visit. One day!
    Keep the videos coming! :)

  2. Kal

    Nice video, well explained, seems fairly straightforward! I like how the
    doors of the taxi open and close automatically.

  3. Wai Yin Yeow

    although, I took one time taxi in Tokyo, with flag rates 710 JPY, your taxi
    tips will help me a lot too… I love it so much!!!

  4. freemonkeys1212

    Thanks very helpful. how much does it cost a minute in a taxi

  5. Faizal Reza Zainal

    Amazing video, very informative,short simple and entertaining. I look
    forward to more video. Subscribed.

  6. Eduardo Javier Alfaro Garcia