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Jobs on cruise ship – Housekeeping

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  1. Luckeee Legz555

    I prefer my holiday breaks in a Static Caravan – this is like glorified Pig-fest

  2. Linus Stromberg

    traffic specific entity reach sound.

  3. 3eeeDee

    I was waiting for 'My Name Jef' :P

  4. E I N S

    You work 7 days a week, 10 hours a day with the lowest scum Earth from countries in Africa and South America and Far East, if you get lucky you can get to work with a few from Romania or Lithuania, Estonia, UK but most will be black and stupid. Your managers will be horrible people with poor english and head problems, you work much harder than you ever have and you earn less than you thought you would. I worked for Royal Caribbean Serenade Of The Seas, the Sea and Oceans are great, the fresh air is amazingly good for health but working with those people and in those conditions are extremely harmfull. No water to drink, only some stupid places where you can drink some water but just a few and very cold and you are not allowed to fill your bottle from there, no window in your cabin, once you close the door you see exactly nothing, big 300m long ships but once the waves kick in the ship rolls like a 30 m boat, they have stabilizers but they don't use it to save gas, extremely high winds in the middle of the ocean, hard to stay out, not that you had time to do it anyway, evacuation drills done with highly incapable people that have no idea about anything but act like they own the boat, stupid restaurant managers that walk and act like officers while in real life they know nothing about boats, crazy customers that eat 40 tons of food in the middle of the storm and if you are a waiter you have to serve them, i did the mistake to think that because of the waves the restaurant would be empty, lol, it was full as fuck those passengers aren't humans, i was sick as fuck and they were eating 3 course meal and drinking wine, once you reach USA you have to wait for i don't know what kind of USA border VISA even if you have one on your pasport already, and if you get to visit you cannot visit more than 3 hours because you need to go back to work and you are tired as hell, and sometimes you want to sleep more than to visit if you have 3 hours off, you are not allowed to be sea sick, you have to work, the only way you could have off from work is if the doctor says so and you have to go and see him and tell him you're really sick and bla bla and maybe you get one day off but that won't get you through the whole contract, you can do it one, two, three times but then you get fired if you keep missing work because you captain is so thirsty for money that he enters high waves and doesn't press the button for the stabilizers, ony a few people can possibly stay a few hours standing in high waves and not get sea sick, the rest puke one after the other like it's a puking game or something while passengers eat like pigs and laugh like the ship is standing still.
    Having worked on a cruise ship i can say i know what it is like to be a slave, it's horrible, it's a hostile work evnironment for very poor people only, a very dangerous place, you can easily get sick from their food or you can easily get a liver or kidney failure in time from working too much, too much strees, too little water, too little sleep or you can get stabbed or beaten by a crazy moneky from Africa you work with that has 4 brain cells in his brain but the same job as you do.

  5. D.Agar

    This song LOL !

  6. Kirill M

    no thanks I better choose other ways to travel the world and learn things

  7. Trollin since 79

    So same rag is used on toilette then shower UGH

  8. desi derata

    What a f__ useless man. The window washer was busy and this doofus ordered him to move a small table. Just to show the world that he is the taskmaster of the modern day slaves…

  9. Roger Diogo

    Americans say who cares about the drug filled ships from the 90+s,
    well those druggies are now managers, because in the 90´s they snort cocaine with management!!!

  10. Ilie Faneata

    1- what the hell magdalena did? she use same cloth for sink and toilet and if nobody's there, for the bath as well? wtf? which cleaning book her supervisor read? for cleaning u MUST use different colored cloths(and especially RED for toilet, BLUE for sink, and another BLUE for bath! OR-not ''religious'' advice- IF u work in one color cloths, u MUST have 3-4 per toilet! and trustful staff)
    2- when u check if dusting was properly done, u USE a WHITE cloth OR GLOWS. why? b'cos u can have a dry skin type and u can't find dust just if wasn't be done for many months when is too much.after u finish, throw the glows, don't touch nothing with used glows. and btw, the sound when u check the ceiling sound like was dust there, and more than 1 week dust. when is clean u don't must hear nothing(even if it's wood)
    3- don't pay attention to the small details like ''wires''(and don't roll them 'cos u'll broke them in the end) or phone wire (btw, u checked the phone receiver if was sanitized and the numbers pad was with no grease?). u must pay attention to the areas which can keep diseases, like toilets. and from where did u know the bulb was broken if u didn't try to light them?or u r a wizard better than nostradamus was?
    as a cleaning staff, together with food and beverage, must realize high(almost perfect)hygiene must be provided b'cos both crews keep the business reliable. if me or other customer we r not happy about one of the crews, next time u'll never see us. and the company will lose b'cos of u a lot of contracts. so, for this reason company must show u a good rate per hour to keep u trustful and hard worker. this is an friendly advice from an simple cleaning guy who fightall the time with ''smart'' supervisors who teach the staff to clean in quick way just to take the client eyes, like wires ''tidy''…

  11. Kat Justice

    A floating petri dish so no wonder people are always getting sick on them..

  12. Bryan A.Cal

    where do i stash and smoke my medical mary jane on the ship

  13. Reggie Radio

    if they hired me… i'd quit on my first day, and since im like 30 miles away from land, i'll get a free ship cruise.. hahahahaha

  14. Reggie Radio

    those workers DONT LOOK HAPPY….i bet they deal with hard ass managers and supervisors all the time. i once dealt with those types. then one day i just stopped working. havent worked in over 5+ years….not ever going back either. fuck you if that bothers you… FUCK YOU…. "takes a knife and stabs you in the throat"

  15. atila540

    If work in a cruise line i would work in the Custom Dept.

  16. Rock TheElement

    It's actually extremely difficult to get a job on these cruise ships.

  17. Elleonora Molnar Pinter

    Question for Assistent Cabin Attendants here: do you work along side one Cabin Attendant or more than one? As Assistant, what are your chores? Thanx.

  18. John McLachlan

    This is bullshit, i have never seen a white room attendant anywhere in the world. Not any ship not any hotel.

  19. Samsky Rocket

    if you got a job in the office. Everything els. You will have a suck either an Indian cock or Italians to get a good position. Even the HR. Be prepared to kiss lots of asses. Hahahaha

  20. pramod hp

    Mr. Nyoman, can i have your email ID please