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Jobs on cruise ships | Newcomers on board RCCL

How to get a job on a cruise ship? What to expect from the cruise ship job? All of that answers you can find in this video. Enjoy and do not forget to like it and share with you friends.

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  1. AnSEdvarD

    Music is too loud, its difficult to understand what they are speaking about.

  2. allan J

    Cruise ship jobs are nothing but modern day slavery backed by cheap seamen from philippines indonesia.mostly the pay is around 800$ a month plus food.they work 15 hrs a day and more.this way cruise lines build bigger ships all the time.nothing but exploitation.do not go to work on cruise ships unless you are from east europe poland hungarian romania these nationals are also cheap labor for the lines.the newly freed commies work for cheap like the pilipinos.norwegian german english dutch they get paid well due to prestige .usa citizens also get paid well.but thr lines do not hire these floks they avoid them.i was a seamen myself i know how things are played.these days i travel as a passenger.love fr usa and ahoi.

  3. ramash m
  4. Toni Ston

    Hello the greatest success that ive had was by using the Carls Cruise Cutter (i found it on google) – without a doubt the no.1 resource that I have ever followed.

  5. Edson Mendieta


  6. kris mark

    i wonder why newly employed asking handshake to the officer onboard

  7. Sarah

    Makes me more greatful to have them onboard.. I did know they worked hard at whatever they did..I always say thankyou to them all .. :)

  8. andrew mockler

    this job is for poor cunts

  9. Sin Bloma

    What is a Junior Seaman?

  10. Raý Santtos


  11. Nahnah Advisor

    This is a little overact however it does explains the process you will follow onboard.. Ohh I remember my first contract everything was so confusing!! you get the sense of overloading your head with tons of information!! Patience is the key, by 2nd contract you feel more confident!!

  12. deejay2023jvr

    Their testimonies are great…!!! So inspiring !!!

  13. atikaszen

    yeh !! it is like this when u embark on the first day, but in this video is a lot of propaganda as well !

  14. Jack Benda

    how come there is no 1 black person on the ship crew????

  15. Magpie

    I would not work on a cruiseship ever.  This video was so phoney.

  16. Love Girl

    I'm about to work on a cruise ship soon can't wait! Final stages of employment!

  17. Laughlan Smith

    they take your passport isn't that illegal and dangerous

  18. Samsky Rocket

    Don't do it. Unless you are really poor. Because you will work 6-7 days a week,8-10 hours a day. Also you have to put up with tons of Indian management that will take advantage of you. Unless you are Indian too. Slavery is your keyword.