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Kate McCue becomes first American woman to captain cruise ship

There are hundreds of cruise ships at sea, but only one of them, off the coast of New England, is making waves and history for women. Kate McCue is on her maiden voyage at the helm of the Celebrity Summit. She’s leading the 14-day cruise with more than 2,100 passengers and a crew of about 950. CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg spoke to the pioneer for a story you’ll see only on “CBS This Morning.”
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  1. styldsteel1 Reply

    Just got off of the Summit, and Captain Kate is an absolute shining star. BUT!! I do worry that the cruise industry is going to discriminate against men and say behind closed doors. Yea, we are looking for THE MOST QUALIFIED, so long as it's a woman. Comments aren't neccesary. Time will tell the truth if we start to see female Ship Masters…..

  2. Abang Zul Reply

    She looks so much as Sandra Bullock, and sounds like one…
    Way to go Captain Kate.

  3. Lea Kaderova Reply

    Fake. She cant be captain without parrot and not be at least one legged!

  4. Joan Ganci Reply

    Met her on the Summit; she's great! And had a wonderful cruise to Canada!

  5. Gabriel Saldana Reply

    Great report. It makes me realize the potential for success, as a current CMA student myself. Congrats, Captain.

  6. juki0h Reply

    i dont know man, id rather have a man someone who knows what they are doing

  7. Ahuitzol Rosas Mendoza Reply

    i think men and women have the capacity to be a leader, i do not have any problem if i see a woman like this. On the contrary, i respect her a lot for the huge challenge that she has. Being the captain means a big big responsability, i hope more women follow her example. Congratulations Miss Captain. Kate.

  8. @GMC_Visions Reply

    Being the boss! Love it :)

  9. Monik Paiva Reply

    This is my biggest dream! Working on it.. takes time, but God will make it worthy! Shes like THE DIVA of my life now! hehe

  10. PrincessD Smith Reply

    Awesome–Woman power!!

  11. Jayar Flores Reply

    How great! Wonderful Story

  12. ‫عبدالله الموحد‬‎ Reply

    I'm sorry but, HAAAAAAAAH!

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