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Kimberly Snyder’s 5 Best Travel Tips

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  1. LloydBonafide1

    You cant carry around loose pills in plastic bags like that, what a goof.
    Needs to be in the original container. 

  2. FightClubGotNoRules

    +Carla Strozzieri
    *yes I still think that exercise is way better than a*
    *surgery!It might cost a lot of money plus its not safe you know.*
    *Good thing I found this famous site that offers cellulite removal.I tried*
    *it myself and it works after a short period of time.*

  3. Golden Natural

    I love the tip about the probiotics. I work behind a desk again on a 2nd
    shift and my hours to eat or not exactly ordinary. I could never ingest
    more than 1 probiotic a day even if the directions called for three times a
    day, but since my diet is some what poor, a lot of sugar and carbs the
    probiotic is helping out a lot before meals.

  4. chick2random

    Come back to Australia! I can’t wait to read your new book 🙂

  5. OfficialFedeBelle

    All great ideas. I can’t wait to order the Sally B antioxidant skin boost
    powder! I can’t wait for your next book, too 🙂 Keep inspiring!

  6. shalay



    I argh ..uhh farted

  8. Mey Chan

    If you go to her blog she has details on everything she mentioned. I can’t
    link it because youtube won’t allow me to but you can find it on her
    homepage or google.

  9. jax4024

    can u please tell me the brand of digestive enzymes u are taking?? thank u

  10. dlmyers17

    She’s fit as hell

  11. shalay

    just oredered the sally B skin ummies powder! I seriously cannot wait to
    start using it ahhh!!!

  12. Monica P

    A sleep mask is probably best, quite small and easy to pack.