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The second European gay cruise in the Mediterranean Sea from Sunday, July 22nd, till Sunday, July 29th, 2012 had a departure and arrival in Marseille (France).

On route, the ship visited Napels, Sicily, and Ibiza. This extended movie shows some very relaxing time spend on the beach or at the pool to the best open air summer parties with international superstar dj’s Dikky Vendetta, Phil Romano, Paul Heron, Steven Redant, John Dixon, Andrei, Chris Bekker, Ben Manson, Oliver M and Fabio White.

Next year be prepared for a week that you will remember for the rest of your life!

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For more information and bookings about next year’s cruise please visit: https://www.lademence-cruise.com


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  1. beatriz manzano

    yo quiero ir…. soy mujer rodeada de amigos gay y con verlos felices a ellos yo soy feliz….

  2. Alex Manzur

    FANTÁSTICO!!! muero por ir a crucero así!!! HERMOSO!!!!

  3. Perodot_The _Hipster

    Cant go because I am afraid of cruise ships and if I did I would skip on the porn show…

  4. Diggs Will

    Drag Queens creep the shit out of me,I don't know why though.

  5. Sergei Hook

    опа, опа, Америка-гейропа!

  6. Miko Bulawan

    Nice :)

  7. Demetrius Jones

    I wish there was one for me and my friends too many old heads

  8. CK W

    Would love to do one down the road … but definitely will not be buying tickets for the porn thinggy – if it was offered. As I see it – belongs in the bedroom – and respect those peeps that do want to see it … just not me. :)

  9. CK W

    Agreed … as an LGBT peep – I wouldn't partake in it if offered on a cruise I went on

  10. Yourdutch

    That shot just slipped through without a blurr. Not on purpose during the editing.

  11. Carolina Baily Ciccione

    I'd love to work in these wonderful cruises <3

  12. Sergei Hook

    пидарасы. но ска красиво отдыхать умеют

  13. Zondares

    wow wtf

  14. benten825

    awweewssoooommmem going there

    awesome I love gay people love myself because im gay

  15. Mikhail Smith

    ewww that porn show is soo disgusting :/

  16. Kelvin Klink


  17. Anti Deviation

    Kamikaze planes…watch out……Kabbooooommmm

  18. SimplyMyself21

    Ah, you're proud of having internalized all the sexist crap that society imposes on all of us?? Why should a man be "no man" only because he's not so much into the 'female' figures produced by society?

  19. stijn traptaf

    Where is the uncensored version?

  20. stijn traptaf

    Probably there are no 'men' on board :-)