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LARGEST CRUISE LINER- Be A Vegan For Instant Health & Happiness, Thanks to Amber From NZ

LARGEST CRUISE LINER- Be A Vegan For Instant Health & Happiness, Thanks to Amber From NZ

World’s Largest Cruise Liner- Independence of the Seas Full Documentary. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3me0mVdKOjDASQVFdP4KPw?sub_confirmation=1
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  1. Δημήτρης κάποιος Reply

    I assume this was made before the Oasis of the Seas.

  2. Mohammad Salman Reply

    nice vedeo

  3. Thediamondcreeper Reply

    Iv bin on that it was sooooooooooooo fun

  4. Unity Fusion Reply

    At the time you uploaded he video Oasis Of The Seas was the biggest cruise ship

  5. G singh Reply

    Good i like. I am seaman

  6. hazydavo Reply

    Boy there are bunch of dumb comments on here about this ship not being the biggest. Sure not anymore but when this doco was made this was the biggest.

  7. Noisy Empire Reply

    Sink this ship and it'll be as famous as the titanic! Hijacks iceberg

  8. Lubna Hilal Reply

    Who else is here from JKN?

  9. John Calvvin Reply

    It looks far better than this film footage.

  10. Old Fox Reply

    I Hope one day have a job in a ship like this so please connect me if u have a chance for me 🙂 +20 12 70 510 100

  11. Pete Flynn Reply

    Bigger is not better.

  12. Wayne Gold Reply

    This is so awsome!

  13. Pam McRae Reply


  14. FritsGerlich07 Reply

    what if you would build a ship of approximately 1800 ft long, 300 ft wide,
    and 500 ft high.
    is that even possible!?

  15. Sebastian Moshi Reply

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  16. Mr.Vilas Deshpande Reply

    The modern titanic

  17. chefgiovanni Reply

    Our Chefs been on ships this big, a great way to travel.
    Time to cook.

  18. YourD3aDXd D3aDXd Reply

    20x bigger than the one and only titanic

  19. Merry Kaban Reply

    I wanna be going there,,,

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