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Las Vegas Vacation Tips: Save Money. Don’t take a taxi!

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On September 15th, 2015, Las Vegas residents and tourists alike were now provided with a new transportation option that they did not have before. That was when Uber and Lyft were allowed to operate in Nevada. It took years of political battling, but now these ride share companies provide and excellent service that is cheaper, and more efficient than taking a taxi cab in Las Vegas.

Taking Uber and Lyft to get around Las Vegas is a great way to save money. Both of these companies have rates that are lower than what taxi cabs charge. The service is fast, the price is great and the cars are usually much nicer and cleaner than taxi cabs in Las Vegas. When you come to Las Vegas on your vacation be sure to use Uber and Lyft so that you can save both TIME and MONEY and enjoy your vacation even more.

Las Vegas Vacation Tips: Save Money. Don’t take a taxi!

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  1. Frank Genovay

    Other option: USING RTC (Bus) in Las Vegas as that is CHEAPER, plus have fares for seniors and people with disabilities.

  2. IMarkovic1995

    I take the bus lol

  3. Don Melton

    you are a scab Mr. di uou care that cab drivers have families too? We are a huge part of the culture in Vegas like anyone else and we are fully insured, trained and certified professionals. uou are a bottom feeding scab. whats next? go to the casino and deal your own cards? or have a random person not suited for the job deal them to you?…you are killing Vegas and you dont care. Vindictive little shit trying to destroy an industry

  4. Jay dani

    How much they paid you ? You full of lies you scum bag

  5. Sleeping Elephant

    End of dirty taxis. LOL…time is money

  6. Marick Thompson

    3 taxi drivers disliked this video. lol

  7. Family Man

    But taxi's you don't need a car seat. So if you traveling with kids and you didn't bring a car seat. taxi might be your only option

  8. Craig Dicker

    Hey Jacob I'm staying at the aria in September, any tips on getting out of paying the hotel fees? Or at least some of it? Thanks bro

  9. mandmyellow

    What about the Las Vegas Monorail?

  10. Michelle Gomez

    Thanks for the view!!! Any tips or videos planned for anyone traveling to Vegas for Vegas Uncorked 10th anniversary this year? I will be coming for one week. Take Care!!!

  11. GideoVames

    This is a great tip thank you very much!

  12. Julio Mendez

    I going to Vegas next week, uber they can pick up people at the airport?

  13. Vanmyster94

    Yeah save money and your sanity…Don't take a taxi!!! lol :-)

  14. Johnny Klebitz

    Jacob! Happy New Year! May God bless you in 2016!

  15. Johnny Klebitz

    Jacob! Happy New Year! May God bless you in 2016!

  16. ChanFacets

    Have a Safe and Happy New Year Jacob!!!!