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https://www.engvid.com/ Learn important, basic words you will need when you travel. Knowing a little English vocabulary can help a lot when you are travelling. Whever you are going in the world, you can almost always find someone who speaks some English. I’ll teach you how a “tourist attraction” is different from a “tourist trap”. What about “sight seeing”? Do you know what an “itinerary” is? Do you have your travel documents? Get ready for your English to take flight! https://www.engvid.com/travel-vocabulary/

Hi. James, from EngVid. I was just about to plan my vacation. I’m going to take a long flight to Europe. I’m trying to remember luggage and baggage things, you know? It’s kind of hard to do. But this is a lesson for you if you’ve been working a lot, you need some time off. Now, there’s a video I would like you to go check out. That’s on time off. It goes with this one. You might want to go away somewhere and not just stay home, right? So this video is for you. This is basic vocabulary on vacation. When you leave and maybe you go to an English speaking country and you want to practice your English, this stuff will be good for you to enjoy your time there, also to make it easy for you when you arrive. Are you ready? Let’s go to the board.

Mr. E, Mr. E! It’s a mystery where he is. It’s no mystery. And you thought I forgot. Mr. E has been on vacation with me, and he’s enjoying this particular attraction. So let’s go to the board.

Now, if you’re going to go on vacation, one of the first things you will have to do if you’re leaving your country is you’re going to need some travel documents. What are those? Documents. A “document” is a paper or something with information that tells you something is okay or outlines it for you. For example, your passport is a document given by the government with your picture on it that says you are a citizen of this country, and you are legal. You are a good person. Okay? Now, when you’re leaving for a flight, or you want to go to another country, you’re going to need travel documents first. Trust me; show up at the airport and go, “I leave now. I go to Canada.” They will go, “And the car is that way. Go home, crazy man. Okay?” So we need travel documents. So what are “travel documents”? Well, “travel documents” would be your passport, government identification, usually needed at most places the travel. Inside of a country, not necessary for most places. But leaving the country, you have to have it. Okay? So if you’re in the European Union, no problem. If you’re in Canada and the United States, you don’t need one. But as soon as you leave these countries, you need a passport.

What’s another thing you need? Well, you need what’s called a “boarding pass”. If you play soccer, you kick the ball; the other guy, he catches it; you “pass” right? The ball goes from one player to another. A “boarding pass” is what allows you to go from one country to another country. You show the person on the airplane this piece of paper with your passport, and they say, “You know what? You can come on the plane and fly, like the pass.” Kick, catch, other country. Cool? All right. So these are your travel documents. You need those.

Now, I should have started with you need to make a plan because you want to go visit some place. You want to go on vacation, right? And if you want to go on vacation, well, going to have to — I said “vacation”. A “vacation” is a holiday, another word for saying “time off from work”. All right? So you want to go on vacation. Sometimes, we say, “We’re going to vacation in Italy.” Or “on my vacation, I want to visit Italy.” Or “I’m taking a holiday in Italy.” Okay? So all these words, when people say, “Well, what are you doing on your time off?” You might go, “I’m going on vacation.” Then they know you’re leaving. If you just say, “I’m taking time off from work”, you could be home cleaning. But no. You’re saying, “I’m going on vacation.” They’re going to go, “Where are you going to visit? Italy, perhaps? Sicily? Is it going to be a good holiday?” And you go, “Yes. I earned my time.” “Earned” means to work for something. “I earned my time off. I’m going on vacation.”

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