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Life Update: 2nd gap year? Uni? Work? Travelling? Cape Town?

Life update: Why am I taking a 2nd gap year? Do I plan to go to uni? How do I earn money to travel? Watch this video to find out.

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Lots of love to you all ♥

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Technician in electronic's full time Webmaster in spare time Trying to make a living :)
  1. Pixie Johnson

    what university are you planning on going to?

  2. SO ZO

    I just found your channel and I fell in love with it!

  3. Verena

    Finde ich cool dass du das machst! Ich bin nach dem Abi direkt zur Uni gegangen und habe dann gemerkt…hmm…wäre auch gerne nochmal ins Ausland gegangen. Daher habe ich dann mehrere Auslandspraktika gemacht (in London und Toronto). Das war auch ganz cool aber allzu viel reisen konnte ich natürlich nicht.

  4. Kirsten Rose

    Please do a meetup :)

  5. whitetulips

    Dieses Video ist wahnsinnig inspirierend! Vielen Dank dafür. Ich werde definitiv auch 1-2 Jahre zum reisen nehmen bevor ich studiere. Würde mich so freuen wenn ich dich mal in München sehen würde ???? xx

  6. Meggy Spencer

    Cool thoghts , can relate to them. how old are you?

  7. melz

    good luck on everything! this video really inspired me to stop thinking about where i want to go, and what i want to de, and just to focus on my studying for now, cause I'm going to be in IB next year..and I'm going to take hl art so wish me luck! haha <3

  8. Kayo-Fay Tilley

    Hi Janine. I live in Cape Town. Would love to meet up x Let us know your plans!

  9. yaara israeli

    Where is your shirt from?:)❤️

  10. Kiki Ann

    Wie kommst du an deine Modeljobs? :)

  11. Courtney P

    I'm so jealous that you took the time for gap years when you felt you needed it. It's not very common in the US (in my experience) to take a gap year so I didn't consider it and I really wish I had. I admire that you wanted to find exactly what was right for you and what made you happy before you made any decisions. It really will take you a long way. I'm about to graduate from uni and I didn't really like my uni and I'm not sure what I want to do in the future so I just really commend you :)

  12. Minnie

    I can't o see your next video ????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. fat cabbage

    I don't meant to hate and I don't hate but your skin. Pis that fake lotion or tan? Look at her eye skin then the rest of her noddy something's been added. 

  14. The Vegan Globetrotter

    Im from cape town! Any question ask me on insta @melissalatzel

  15. Imaan Kamish

    Hi Janine! I live in Cape Town too, would you do a meetup? x

  16. Agusta Wind

    I'd love to watch travel vlogs!

  17. Anna Smith

    You are such a beautiful person!

  18. Jo Kay

    Gurl you so tan! I think its great to take 2 gap years, if travelling is what you want to do then go for it! You'll always be happiest when your following your heart :)

  19. Maddy

    Ich denke solche Gap Jahre sind so eine gute Investition und gerade wenn man jung ist hat man die Chance dazu. Ich habe nach meinem Abi auch ein Auslandsjahr gemacht und habe es nach meinem Bachelor noch einmal vor, denn wenn ich später einen Job habe wird es bestimmt schwerer sein mal eben so für ein Jahr weg zu gehen..wenn man die Chance dazu hat, warum nicht sein Leben leben? Ich denke diese Standard-Lebensläufe sind ziemlich langweilig, Schule- Uni – Job – Familie – alt werden – das wars ????

  20. Henni Vogt

    I can totally understand the whole thing with the flow! i graduated in 2015 and always had the plan to study international relations and all of a sudden i thought about studying medicine and i got accepted and i ABSOLUTELY love it! :)