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LONDON – The Most Glamorous City in the World – Travel Documentary

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  1. peter feltham

    It,s 8.6 million not 7 million with an estimated unregistered population in excess of 600,000.

  2. Steve Miller

    Interesting to see how some people like to run London down …. Sure it's not perfect, but is any city in the world? … Those who comment that London is a "shite" hole whilst praising Paris and New York should know better. Both Paris and New York have alot more slums and deprivation than anywhere in London, and London is for sure the safer of these three cities. But regardless of the downsides,
    they are all great cities in their own right, and have plenty to offer visitors.
    For me though, none of the western cities are the greatest on earth.
    For me personally, Tokyo holds that title. But that's just my opinion! Because the subject of "greatest city in the world" is entirely subjective. It's personal opinion!

  3. Larry Jung

    For more and up to date news on London and England check out the world wide weekly British newspaper the International Express!.

  4. elsa Grace

    Very basic video. Seems kind of old like 1980's. If you are not on a budget and looking to be entertained while visiting this points you in the right direction. Maybe I'll win the lottery and this will be useful.

  5. Frantisek Janosik


  6. Jod Ofjodncod

    Check out my London vlogs!

  7. cindybin2001

    AARGGHHHH Of course they have to show people DRINKING. Oh this makes me so mad! I have ranted against alcohol for 15 years online!!!!

  8. Masha Ahmed

    beautiful place can't wait to be there I love London

  9. Anthony Briwn

    Now a cesspit for immigrant scum

  10. World Travel Videos.

    good video

  11. Alissone Cohen

    Ils vivent au Moyen Age dans cette ville avec la nouvelle technologie en bas de chez eux

  12. Ian Robertson

    Was born here and will die here I love it to bits !!

  13. Jimmy Reynolds

    shittiest town in the world. doesn't compare to paris, ny, la, hongkong…..

  14. Feisal Dianga

    Love my city London, best city on earth

  15. Shamir Patel

    My city I live in and love

  16. geof holmes

    Not sure if I'd want to live there but a great place to visit if you've got plenty of money in your pocket.

  17. Conte de Tarentulle

    The european New York !

  18. Adam Johnson

    London is a shite hole and should be knocked down and re-built. 

  19. The Puerto Rican and Cuban Prince of New York

    Looks so beautiful. Like a European version of New York City.