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Here are 9 tips to help your family stay nourished and entertained on your next trip. We are so excited to be heading to Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, https://www.disneyaulani.com with the entire What’s Up MOMS family. Stay tuned all week for more from our adventures in Hawaii. Subscribe for new vids M-W-F! https://bit.ly/sub2moms

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  1. Peng Liu

    Wait, they actually let you bring food on the plane?.. Like, water is not allowed. ??

  2. itsmemaria

    lol I think Brooke was in the back at 1:18????

  3. Claudia Morales

    my aunt works at tupperware

  4. Brianna Thompson

    This wouldn't help me cause we can't bring outside food in the plane

  5. BubblyGalaxy AJ

    When she said don't forget mom and dad I thought she was literal ????

  6. Caitlyn Capper

    im going to bali in23 days

  7. Valentina Cacan

    did anyone see brooke at 1:19

  8. Dede And kaka

    Who isn't a mom but still watches these?????

  9. Bla Bla

    I'm not a mom yet I still love there videos

  10. Gamer girl602

    guys did u know that brooke was in the video that she look in the camera 1:18

  11. Miranda Patterson

    I'm not a mom,I'm not even a adult lol. But I just love there videos so much! Keep up the good work ladies :)

  12. Sophia Basilika

    1:18 hi Brooke

  13. Caitlin Mack

    We aren't allowed to pack food in some airports here in England

  14. Clauda Hernandez

    ay love wats ap moms

  15. kardancer1

    These are great ideas but, please don't encourage people to send PB&J on a plane. If you must ask them to send a pb alternative like sunflower seed butter. Peanut and Nut allergies are are becoming so common and on the rise. Due to the plane having circulated air it could set another person with peanut or nut allergies into an allergic reaction easily because the air is repeatedly breathed in. Peanut and nut allergies are a problem because they release oils into the air. A lot of peanut/ nut allergy sufferers especially young people don't speak up for themselves until there is a problem. I tell people this all of the time please save your peanuts and nuts for off the plane ride you could be helping someone stay safe and even save a life without even realizing it.

  16. Pink girl Lover 19

    Why in the world do people dislike the vid . Like she didn't even do anything bad .

  17. Laci Willis

    0:06 Avery doesn't seem impressed????????

  18. Catz Rule!

    when I heard "don't forget mom and dad" I LITERALLY thought she meant that she left her parents behind! ????

  19. Murk iqbal

    love it

  20. kiana froozan

    (KIK) KIK is making new changes there adding new colors for the speech bubbles and adding video chat

    The colors are

    Send this to 10 people when your done you will get your new update:D

    Thank you KIK team(KIK)