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Minimalist Packing For World Travel

A bunch of people have asked me to share my travel gear and after much research and actual trip experience, this is the most up to date list of my gear for traveling the world! When I made this list, I kept one thing in mind: I like to travel as light and as efficient as possible. I want to be able to carry-on everything I own (no check-ins at the airport). This not only eliminates the unpredictability of check-in baggage during travel, but also gives you more time to enjoy the best part of travel: experiencing the local culture!

Gear List:
A. Minaal Carry-On Backpack – Beautifully designed, understated, and very durable 35L bag that can be carried on even on the smallest Ryanair flights. Has a laptop and iPad compartment as well as its own rain jacket.
B. Eagle Creek Pack It Starter Set – Some sort of packing cube set is required with the Minaal, however the organization you get from it is worth the extra cash.
C. Ziploc Space Bags – These things are amazing. I use them to vacuum seal and compress A LOT of clothing. They can also double as a laundry bag! This is the secret to packing everything in that small 35L backpack.
D. Eagle Creek Packable Daypack – Takes up very little space, durable and is perfect for those day trips when you only need to carry a few things!
E. Toiletry Bag – Anything will work here. Make sure to get one that can hang and is large enough to carry all your required toiletries.
F. Merino Wool Clothing – Merino wool is the holy grail of travel clothing fabric. It feels good on your skin, is antimicrobial, resists odors, and is moisture wicking. You can wear it for twice or three times longer than normal clothing depending on your activity level. I have standardized my clothing to be all merino wool (except where otherwise noted). I prefer Icebreaker, but SmartWool also makes them. Here is the breakdown:
i. V-neck shirt – I wear this when I’m on the plane or traveling for a long period of time. The ample room around my neck is for comfort during travel.
ii. 2 Short Sleeve & 1 Long Sleeve T-Shirt – For going out, staying in, as a base layer, or by themselves. Very versatile!
iii. 2 Long Sleeve & 1 Short Sleeve Collared Shirt – For going out, and also good for layering or by themselves.
iv. 3-4 Boxer Briefs & 1-2 Long Briefs – Long is for those really cold days and short for everything else.
v. 2 Ankle, 2 Crew, 1 Long Socks – Depending on the climate, you can add or subtract a certain type. This is the most balanced.
G. Patagonia Men’s R1 Fleece Hoody – Long, light, chest pocket, hooded, thumb holes, slanted half zip… I wear this as a midlayer on those active days (hiking, kayaking, etc.)!
H. Mountain Hardwear Hooded Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket – The lightest jacket ever. 850-fill goose down with a nice hoody and hand warmers. Feels like you’re wearing warm air. I use this as a midlayer on not so active days (walking around town, etc).
I. Arc’Teryx Alpha FL Hardshell – Ultralight, breathable gore-tex, top notch rain jacket and wind stopper. I use this as the outerlayer.
J. Electronics
i. Laptop & Power Cable
ii. Cellphone & Power Cable
iii. Bluetooth Headset & Power Cable
iv. External USB Charger
v. World Travel Adapter
vi. Mini Surge Protector
vii. Electric Razor
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  1. j. a

    Could you spell brand of back back please? Thank you!

  2. Blake Penland

    This is great. Thanks for sharing. Where have you traveled to?

  3. spicecrop

    you pack the same for a weekend or a year long trip? uh ok.

  4. Daniel De Alday

    What type of work do you do on the road? Software dev?

  5. Susie Knight

    You guys need to have this water bottle. I just received it fast from amazon and cant wait to take it with me for our next trip 🙂 Really cool thing, love the collapsible style and the soft material is just amazing. If anyone is interested you can get it on amazon in US. Worth the money. Called GB-Ottle by Giant Beez … https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AU0OOO2/?ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

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    a really good informative video thank you

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    Put the speed to 1.25, great video tho.

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  10. Delightful Travellers

    Fantastic vids. Well done! We really loved it.

  11. birdbrainZ

    What is the average weight of your entire carry-on pack? I'm concerned about many of the current weight restrictions for budget airlines.

  12. zlerner716

    brands of Down jacket & umbrella look quality and compact which is hard to find What's the brand? Also why not just rain jacket?

  13. Minaal

    Hey Daryl, thanks for sharing you're packing styles. We totally agree, once you've got your gear for a week sussed out, it might as well be a month or even a year long trip. We've added this video to the playlist: "More travel, Less drag. All you."
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