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  1. Addie Ramsdell

    Modeling isn’t all about the genetic lottery, there are some out there who
    aren’t what would be classically known as beautiful, it’s a talent and a
    lot of work.

  2. Shoen

    Ali what with tha eyebrows? O_O

  3. LopsidedCircle

    i wish i had ali michael’s skin..she should’ve talked about her routine. omg

  4. aufladekabel

    what song is it ??

  5. sharath bobby

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  6. Chichi Yumi

    I wish I would look like Rosie huntingtonon whiteley I really love her
    style and her beautiful face..

  7. poochock2212

    @SPCkeith not everyone’s a genius like you.

  8. missmarygil

    She’s Rosie Huntington and that video is from the Victoria Secret Fashion
    Show (:

  9. oceanwave322

    lol yup

  10. PrincessDaytura2

    christy turlington’s model checklist according to sandra bernhart……….
    I smoked a cigarette, I stubbed my toe and what else was there? oh yeah, a
    kit kat that was it!!

  11. FashionStalking

    Selina Khan said Avene, not Aveeno…

  12. Csieh0town

    What song is used to the this clip ?

  13. oceanwave322


  14. FM897

    How nice it must be to win the genetic lottery when you’re born so that you
    can make millions of dollars as a model.

  15. sunnybeets2055

    Rosie huningten whitley is absolutely flawless! definaltely my favorite vs
    angel. now if you excuse me, im going to get a massive cup of water…

  16. LittlePenguinLove

    Wow, sounds like someone is bitter!

  17. christinaaako

    omg…look at ali michael’s skin!!! completely flawless and perfect.

  18. loren lauren

    selina khan wowwwww so pretty

  19. Cheyanne Smallwood

    I am a model from ohio, I am not a “big model” I dont travel the world but
    I do alot of work in ohio and make great money. there is plenty of local
    photographers to work with and I also work as an event model. I really
    believe ANYONE can model.

  20. LopsidedCircle

    looooove ali

  21. Yulyana R

    Whats the name of the song in the background? Anyone know?

  22. Thehappyc


  23. VioletParkerVault

    hey all! Im makin a new start to my career Im 15 and am a song writer
    please please help by commenting and subbing me! I appreciate more than you
    know THANKS

  24. Baldoxxx4000

    models are full of themselves…. but age will creep in and soon will be
    soggy 🙂 i like that…… so full of themselves…like they think everyone
    loves them :)…in time…the worst thing a model can hear is ‘next’