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Mr. Panos Greek vacation tips

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  1. Georgios Voulgarakis (blades)

    ε uploader εχεις γεμισει το ιντερνετ με μαλακισμενα βιντεο. μονο εσυ γελας και θεωρεις αυτα αστειο

  2. Aphrodite Polychronakis


  3. Thanos Kavalas

    Hilarious! Keep it coming!

  4. Essedra

    Lol, I'm Turkish and I like spending my vacation in Greece. this year Chios, last year Thassos, 2 years ago Halkidiki… ????

  5. Niko G

    lol he is right about crete and the pistols, it's true everyone has one, my grandfather moved from crete to US after he shot & killed someone over a card game.. and this is like normal in his mind ;P είναι τροζός χαχα

  6. Joanna Mitsou

    vale kanena video pou milaei gia ta onwmata mas pou tsakonontai h papoudes

  7. Joanna Mitsou

    axxxxx 8eloume kai ala!!!

  8. Παναγιώτης

    malakas eisai

  9. James Ballas

    Make more videos, we miss u yanni

  10. georgieboy1958

    More please

  11. Theodore Spitadakis

    Accent is WAY off – Keep it closer to the Greek Easter one.

  12. JChapman515

    Hahahaha Mr. Panos rocks!

  13. chris boyronikos

    Ε να πας και στιν Αθήνα ει στιν Λάρισα …επιτέλους ξανά ήρθες

  14. Christos Moore

    haha…listened to this again…about spilled my coffee all over my f-ing lap….these videos are great. Only a German or Chinese person wouldn't like these videos.

  15. BoBo0807

    Holy shit, my wife and I are a childless-by-choice couple (over 40, though) and vacationed in Santorini, and it was just like Mr. Panos said! Except we like each other. Mr. Panos, you are GENIUS, GENIUS, GENIUS.

  16. Il mio nome è Nessuno

    heeeey mr panos you old sport youuuu… what a funny clip you have made here.. you are really hilarious demeaning and humiliating your own people in order to make a buck.. so fucking funny..!

  17. ITmage

    Damn, we missed you :D

  18. Ronald Mitch

    como esta malaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Dimitri Alexopoulos


  20. Ruben Cortinas

    Crete is the Texas of Greece!