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MSC Cruises – Breakfast Buffets – Fine Dining – Italian and International Cuisine ★★★★

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  1. Siamak Etemadieh

    Which ship did you go on?

  2. Siamak Etemadieh

    Ah orchestra, I have been on the fantasia and opera with the larger
    fantasia having an amazing buffet however I find the food at dinner not as
    good as the other ships I have been on. Cruising is a great and cheap way
    to travel to many places :)

  3. Mandy Wu

    I love travelling. But cash is the problem. :D

  4. Travel the World is a Dream

    Thank you for your kind words XDD and I love sharing my travel experience
    with you guys. my next trip will going to ‘Belgium’ on this coming August
    or September. Can’t wait! Hehe *(Smile)*

  5. vi 360 Photography

    You truly live the princess life married into a rich family. Beautiful
    travel videos.