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My In Flight Travel Essentials & Packing Tips! | Tanya Burr

My In Flight Travel Essentials & Packing Tips!
Photos from my Maldives trip: https://tanyaburr.co.uk

Items in this video:
Smythson rucksack: https://bit.ly/1MbFUc3
Miu Miu sunglasses: https://bit.ly/1pBp2ql
Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay: https://bit.ly/1nCCYPa
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream: https://bit.ly/1SFFbGG
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: https://bit.ly/1kz6RPp
Solid and Striped swimming costume: https://bit.ly/1pkpvNJ
Headphones: https://bit.ly/1MbI37s
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  1. Tanushree Ganguly

    pens are useful to write in your notebook,but mostly I carry pens to fill out the custom forms

  2. Mirna Carlos

    Ouch that's purse is 1,500 dollars. ????????????????????

  3. Gamer Geek

    I'm going on a nighttime flight tomorrow!  I probably wont be able to sleep so I'm going to pack my laptop and some movies as well as my sketch book, and a novel. I might sleep during the daytime so I can stay awake during the flight.

  4. Sofia Rios

    did anyone notice she put up the middle finger at 5:39

  5. Naima Choudhury

    watching this before flying out!

  6. Sweet Rose

    Stunner as always ❤️❤️ I love planes and don't worry I get anxious too love you ????????xxxx

  7. Tanushree Ganguly

    It was my birthday 2 days ago

  8. H

    your lower lip has too much botox

  9. Tanya A

    so helpful! thank you Tanya!

  10. Katelyn Lewis

    ilovd all of your videos they are great ????????????????????????????????????????

  11. AJ Girl567 (Cutie)

    Wait isn't liquid stuff not aloud to be the carry on thingie like you have to send it with the luggage I am travelling tomorrow and I had perfumes in my handbag and my parents took it out cause they say that it has alcohol or something so I put it in my suitcase and I will send it with the luggage????????????

  12. Tanushree Ganguly

    took my everyday handbag and a small carry on for my hand luggauge and I checked in 3 suitcases,I took all that stuff for a month in India.I could not find a rocsack but I saw a girl with it in the airport and the flight

  13. Rosanna Xie.

    Yay love watching travel videos! I did a travel essentials video too

  14. EMZOR Orange

    You are so gorgeous tan!!!! Xx love youuuu

  15. Katie Stewart

    Going on holiday tonight but instead of finishing my carry on packing I'm just watching tons of videos about it :)

  16. The secret girl

    Who also got annoyed when she kept putting her hair behind her ear then take it of then put it again

  17. Ali Fuchs

    I take lots of stuff!!????

  18. A&Zvideos

    I dont like airport's or flights haha

  19. riellele x

    Oml all these comments are so nice and positive lol

  20. Safa Rafi

    you forgot your phone!