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  1. A2Y Travellers

    Packing cubes are the best thing that' has ever been invented if you want to stay an organised traveller. Also it helps you avoid pulling everything out your bag when you are trying to find one thing :)

  2. Hadeel Abdalmageed

    Going to L.A. in 4 days soooo excited!!!

  3. MagicVova

    A tips and tricks video that actually has some useful advice!


    i should probably be packing but im here getting nervous watching traveling videos instead

  5. Ghaania Usman

    I'm going to Turkey in EIGHT DAYS! I'm going on the 22nd of May. this helped a lot.
    p.s if you know any good tourist attractions in Turkey, Istanbul, please tell me. I'd be very glad!
    xx, G????

  6. HerLaughterSings

    Hey! I have some travel tips on my channel too if you're interested!

  7. Osca Alva

    all you need is the tom bihn 45 aronote carryon bag to travel the world 1 bag

  8. evett tino

    Thanks for the tips! By the way does anyone else think she looks like Lucy Hale

  9. Emily Erickson

    You also can put lotions or soap, conditioner etc in plastic bags :)

  10. Dalia Lourenço (Getting Close to)

    so entertaining 🙂 Smart idea for the necklaces.

  11. Me Hind

    is it just me or do she look like Merrel twins? Like Veronica and Vanessa
    but beautiful tho????

  12. Edén Siqueiros

    I loved the video! very helpful ????

  13. Akesha Jules

    one more day before I go to Guyana today Tuesday going on Thursday wish me safe trip plzz going with my mother and lil sis

  14. Mahek Nair

    this video was so helpful!! what a great video :)

  15. Milky Moon

    OK, you're just gorgeous…. 

  16. Millie Taheem

    three more days until i leave for eygpt!

  17. Georgia Rhodes

    i did the necklace one and the taping ur products one and i got stopped because they thought i had drugs lol

  18. Jayxox


  19. thekrazynai

    I leave for Italy in 10 days. ????