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New cruise ships 2016-2019

New cruise ships 2016-2019

Compilation of the most remarkable new cruise ships to be delivered 2016-2019 featuring the most beautiful video animations
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  1. Ranieldo Aquino

    I like it.

  2. Ida Caruso

    The best NCL

  3. EliasPlays YT

    i was on harmony of the seas

  4. Saahaj Mattey

    What's the song that starts after u introduce Harmony?

  5. jim Bo

    carnival vista ?

  6. A Rivas

    The ADIA has that face.

  7. Dulcet Cruise Line

    Bem vc esqueceu de falar do Titanic II

  8. Bill Albury

    atherm of the seas has north star I wanna go on it and see through north star.

  9. 710 TV

    Y a aussi le RMS Adriatic Prévue dans pas longtemps pour une Company il Fait 120 Maitre de Long et 30 Nœuds il est encore en construction au chantier Naval

  10. En anonym dør

    but aidaprima is already out

  11. The Swagger

    Instead of ovation they made harmony

  12. Christopher O Carroll

    very ugly ship

  13. Pasha Defragzor

    I flight different types of aircraft and never on a cruise ship)

  14. Sigi Henke

    A lot of them are ugly top heavy death traps I would not go on…..

  15. JayJay ChaCha

    ah.. I wanna go cruise again


    i was happy to see p&o Australia in this, pacific explorer!

  17. Dimi Vasilopoulos

    The MSC seaside is for me the best????????

  18. Tanis Schaff

    I'm going on the carnival Vista lol

  19. Wiki Low