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New Travel Ideas? A Vote that Actually Counts!

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While many of us have become disillusioned with political voting, there is a place where your vote can still change the world. Global change is no exaggeration because this is all about voting for ideas to improve travel. Travel takes us locally and globally and right now Amadeus, a global travel solutions provider, have created a competition where you can submit, comment on and vote on travel ideas.

Travelling is something many people experience in their lives. While not everyone experiences air travel in their lives, for those of us who do, we’ve likely all had ideas on how to improve the travel experience. There has never really been a forum where we could share those ideas and have them read by and acted on members of the global travel industry until now.

For the last few months Amadeus have been accepting submissions on how to improve the travel experience however now with around a month left they also need your vote. Yes, that’s right, they need you to vote on the people’s choice for improvements to travel and we’d all like to see. While that may seem like all your Christmases come at once with the air travel industry (and others) listening to your opinion wait for the best news – not only is there a €20,000 top prize but you can help an idea get attention and win a prize as there are FIVE people’s choice awards where €2,000 is awarded but more importantly your favourite idea(s) get featured and brought to the attention of an industry fraught with emotion.

There are a number of ideas already submitted however there is still time to submit a new one so if you don’t just want to vote to get your favourite exposure but want to see your idea to improve travel get more exposure itself, enter it quickly and make sure to get people to vote for it by promoting it and who knows – maybe your idea will get picked up as well.

Ideas already submitted have been diverse. With everything from an unpacking service at your destination to a single identification to help travellers pass seamlessly through the airport experience, there have been a number of diverse suggestions make and one will be chosen by a panel of judges as the one to be made reality. While nothing is guaranteed you may be voting for or even submitting the idea that will change the face of travel forever.

This is everyone’s chance to change the travel experience for the better and so whether you have an idea to make travel better of want to vote for your favourite to bring it to the attention of the world’s travel industry or perhaps the aerospace industry, now is absolutely your chance. We’ve all probably had ideas to improve travel while travelling ourselves but lacked the means, until now, to make them reality.

Change travel for the better now. Go to the website and vote and make travel better for everyone.

Want to start making a difference to travel? Go to the ideas for travel site and start voting for the best ideas for travel now: www.ideasfortravel.amadeus.com

Jeniffer B. Flowers is a travel writer and photographer with a passion for flying!

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