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Nitt Witt Ridge – Cambria California Travel Tips

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  1. Gage

    I think exploring hell would be beneficial to all man kind

  2. Don Monopoli

    That was most interesting and BIZARRE! Wow!!

  3. California Travel Tips

    Hey guys! Today I’m taking you on a guided tour of Nitt Witt Ridge in
    Cambria, which is often called the “Poor Man’s Hearst Castle.”

  4. RedroomStudios

    pretty entertaining tour… however it just looks like a pile of junk to
    me. we stopped in Cambria on our way back from Hearst Castle, had dinner
    at one of the restaurants facing onto Moonstone Beach and enjoyed a
    beautiful sunset. I loved the quiet laid back feel of Cambria and would
    like to spend more time there on my next visit.


  5. kubrickinho

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    Canyon. Are you thinking to make a video about it? It could be awesome.
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