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Norwegian Escape Review – Full Walkthrough – Ship Tour – Norwegian Cruise Line

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This video is about the Norwegian Escape. This is a full ship tour. The lido deck, the aqua park. Norwegian Escape review. This clip has Norwegian Escape video. This is a full walk through ship tour. You will see a wide angle view of the lido deck, the sixth, seventh and eighth floor, and all the restaurants. I give a full commentary on restaurants, show, ship activities, the rope course and water park.

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I am going to a full walk though ship tour of the Norwegian escape cruise ship.

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  1. Rick Mileske

    I sailed on the Norwegian Escape on June 18th -25th and my first were what a magnificent ship. The food was first rate and the entertainment was fabulous. The staff members were so incredibly fantastic. My only complaint for this monstrous ship was the lack of swimming pools otherwise I would highly recommend the Norwegian Escape for your next cruise.

  2. Ida Caruso

    The best

  3. Lillian Kozlowski

    no handicapped rooms are shown

  4. Levi Gornish

    Awesome tour, by the way, the aqua racer is the big blue slide, not the blue and green ones.

  5. Carolyn DeKnight

    can you do empress of the sea please

  6. Winston Ng

    I Love This Ship So Much Do You Agree

  7. Spencer Jeffers

    Anyone know why they would want you to stop filming in the casino exactly?

  8. ItsMeee CHLOEEE

    when he said Muhammad Ali 🙁 RIP CHAMP!

  9. dean2663

    Where the hell is the fitness center?

  10. Ivana Travel and Cruises

    Great job!!

  11. Taita

    My wife is a non stop dancer, so she loves NCL. Our last NCL cruise was in the Gateaway, and my opinion is that the pools are too small for such a big ship. Always overcrowded. And my opinion is that sailing from Miami, almost ever they stop at Tortola and Saint Thomas; NCL should offer more variety in the stops. Our Trip in EPIC was way more pleasant

  12. EvanisAwesome

    I just got back in Miami from sailing on this ship, it was so fun!!!!!

  13. Nakul Issar

    Can you please do a tour of the Norwegian sky

  14. EJ Freeman

    One interesting thing about cruises is that so many staff members are from all over the world.

  15. Lesi 129

    Anybody going on May 14 – 21???

  16. Antoine Cole

    Questions Is the spa included? And is this an all inclusive ?

  17. Jujubee

    Man, I thought the Disney cruise was one of the best cruises out there, but from the looks of it I like this way better than the Disney cruise!!! Disney has nothing on this.

  18. Lemon Lorraine

    Very thorough! Looking forward to cruising in May on the Escape!

  19. mjt0104

    Which dining choices are complementary and which are special (need money)?

  20. thrills4life

    Hey I have one question. Do you think I would be able to record the slides (on ride)?