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Onboard Queen Mary 2 – World Cruise 2012

Compilation of images from our last cruise on the Queen Mary 2 – we sailed the Cape Town to Sydney sector of the 2012 World Cruise. The title ‘On your own’ refers to the size of the ship and that even when you’re onboard with nearly 5,000 other passengers and crew you still have a sense of space and pristine moments when you are on your own.

The music is by Serge Devant – ‘On Your Own’.

Camera: JVC GZ-HM870
Edited: Final Cut Pro X
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  1. damian77777

    I like the music. If it's mall music it's a mall in Ibiza. Lighten up :)

  2. AntPDC

    This mall music or whatever it is does the QM2 a great disservice – completely at odds with that noble ocean liner's entire character.

  3. Andrew DeMarzio

    Great taste in music boys.. but did you get to dance to techno at the disco on board?

  4. Linden Davidson


  5. Katharina Burggraf

    Tolles Video von einem tollen Schiff :-)

  6. Linden Davidson

    Don't like? don't watch.

  7. cudacpl

    this music and this ship to NOT go together. This music might be good for some cheese low class ship. 

  8. perfectjohnboy

    Where is the pool situated at 3:57 in the video? doesn't look like the aft pool.

  9. Deanna Reeves

    QM2 A BABE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxx love her

  10. The Cruise Girl

    I love Queen Mary 2! And certainly if you want to save on your Cunard cruise, find a local agent who will help you to find a good deal.

  11. BartLCY10

    Well done video! Very dynamic, and the music really fits

  12. Tom P

    Actually, the ship has a capacity of 2620 passengers and 1253 officers and crew…3875 souls, not 5,000. She is indeed one of the most spacious ships afloat. Also, one should never book direct or online when a cruise specialist is local. Their service is free and quite invaluable. The agent acts as the local agent for Cunard as well as many other cruise lines. 

  13. ascott1980

    Hi… Yes. You can book individual sectors of the world cruise. There are sectors which are listed on the Cunard website. If you go to it, under the "Search and Book" section, select the 2013 World Cruise for QM2, there will then be a drop down list of sectors available, and see if Aukland to Australia is available online. If not, call Cunard and see if it is possible to book that with them directly. Good luck… She is a wonderful ship!