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CRUISE IN JUST A MINUTE – St Kitts. Jean for Doris Visits

Basseterre, St Kitts in JUST A MINUTE – for people who want it fast. This is the Doris Visits series of ports in 60 seconds, tight edits of the longer port visits. See cruise guides worldwide…


Phuket is located on the west coast of the Isthmus of Kra of South Thailand in the Andaman Sea. Referred to as the pearl of the Andaman Sea, this beautiful island has green tropical forests that are blessed with rich and diverse flora and fauna.

1. Patong Beach is a very popular tourist destination in Phuket that offers a unique experience with beautiful beaches to go diving, surfing, sailing, variety of food fare, and wild nightlife. While the hot diving spots in Phuket are located in Similans, Surin, Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, Kata and Karon in the West Coast are popular for windsurfing. Phuket’s Patong beach is the party district and famous for wild nightlife, katoey joints, and tacky souvenir shops.

2. Kamala beach and Surin beach: The northern side of Phuket has many beaches including the Kamala beach and Surin beach. The south-western end of Phuket has smaller beaches away from the beaten track including Nai Harn and Rawai beach.

3. Phang Nga Bay: One of the popular tourist attractions in Phuket is Phang Nga Bay. A unique feature of the bay is the limestone cliffs that emerge out of the emerald-green waters. Famous for cave canoeing or kayaking, this bay also houses the James Bond Island, locally known as Ko Tapu or Nail Island. This island first became famous when it was featured in the 1974 Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

4. Town Area: Phuket’s town has many Sino-Portuguese splendours, excellent restaurants and many shops. It is definitely worth spending an afternoon in Phuket town exploring the Colonial and Chinese architecture. Known as Thailand’s paradise resort, there are many hotels in Phuket from the high-end luxurious ones to the budget hotels situated across the beaches and the town.

5. Buddhist Temples: When it comes to spiritual significance, Phuket has 29 Buddhist temples spread around the island. One of the popular temples among them is Wat Chalong. This temple features a Grand Pagoda which houses a splinter of Lord Buddha’s bone and is officially named Phramahathatchedi-Jomthaibarameepragat.

6. Big Buddha is another fascinating tourist spot. Standing tall at a height of 45 metres, it is visible from the south of Phuket and is located on the top of Nakkerd Hills. For those interested in catching the sunrise and sunset, there are several hilltops like the Three Beaches Hilltop that provide an amazing view of the ocean as the sun rises and sets into the horizon.

7. Phi Phi Islands and Ao Phang Nga Bay provides the opportunity to capture the scenic beauty in Phuket.

8. National Parks: There are also several national parks in Phuket that are worth exploring. These national parks are home to various plants and animals and often feature caves, trekking trails, and waterfalls, making for an adventurous trip.

9. The western coast:  Adjoining the Andaman Sea, the western coast of Phuket has long and clean beaches with clear pristine sea water and is an ideal spot for relaxation.

10. The northern coast: The northern coast of Phuket has many hotels and resorts and is an ideal place for tourists who wish to stay away from the busy streets of the central district.

With so many wonderful places to visit, Phuket is an ideal getaway for tourists andPhuket hotels provide world-class facilities and services adding up to a perfect holiday.








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With the competition for university places tougher than ever, a growing number of students are choosing to take a gap year, there are a huge range of activities that people could take part in from gap year tennis to gap year football. There are many benefits to taking a gap year before beginning university. From the time that a student starts their GCSE’s, to the end of their A-Levels, pressure is high. Pressure to succeed for many is almost overpowering, and competition is usually high too. For many, starting university straight after completing A-Levels seems very overwhelming and may seem very tiring too.

This is the primary reason why some are choosing a gap year. Some students today even end up having to take a gap year after starting university when they are already halfway through their studies since they find the pressure upon them just too high. A gap year, especially doing something enjoyable, such as gap year tennis or gap year football, is a fantastic way to recharge the batteries whilst escaping the pressures associated with studying. The pressures commonly found when studying and get yourself ready for your future are reduced and most have a great time and get a new skill they’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Taking part in gap year tennis or in gap year football gives students time to have a break from their hectic life and have an enjoyable time. If you are particularly interested in gap year tennis or gap year football, you will find companies that provide courses specialising in these passions . A gap year can offer a person transferrable skills that they can use later in everyday life! Taking a year out to focus on one particular skill can provide you with the focus and time required to enhance that skill. If you decide to partake in a sport during your gap year, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills to a level that otherwise wouldn’t be achievable !

Gap year tennis and gap year football courses are easy to find and make the most of. Following a gap year, you can return to your studies relaxed and with renewed focus and motivation. Whatever stage of your education you’re at, whether you getting ready to start a new course or you are part way through a course, a gap year could be just what you need to reinstate your enthusiasm.

If you have just finished your A levels or want a break from university, pursue an interest and begin a gap year tennis or gap year football! Taking a gap year will help you to develop skills that you may not have the opportunity to gain otherwise. You will be able to return to your studies with renewed and refreshed determination – taking a year out to involve yourself in something you love could improve your outlook on life completely! Along with all of those other benefits a gap year tennis or a gap year football may provide, you are guaranteed a year of fun!

This article was written by R. Deans on behalf of sportlived.co.uk experts in gap year football and gap year tennis

Rhine Cruise 2019

Wherever Tours presents the 2019 Rhine River Cruise. View this video for an overview of the ship and the tour.

Traveling can be a lot of fun and most people enjoy it, but when it comes to traveling for a job sometimes it feels as if the fun is sucked out of the experience. You can change corporate extended stay ventures from feeling so uptight and structured as well as work on some essential team building strategies by ensuring that any trips that require corporate travel include some of these fresh and fun team building ideas.

Tip #1- Go somewhere exciting!

Whenever possible, you should hold any corporate extended stay events in an exciting location. Many companies enjoy seminars and other corporate events in tropical locations like the Bahamas while others take place in more relaxed atmospheres like the Poconos. Which builds team excitement and moral more? The exotic or fun locations, of course! If you’re trying to build your teamwork and bonding among employees, it’s a great idea to pick somewhere interesting to hold your corporate events. For example, an extended stay AZ style in a swanky hotel near the Grand Canyon is probably something that a lot of people have never done before and it will build team bonding and morale to have people experience this type of getaway together and they will start to associate their jobs with the excitement they feel.

Tip #2- Involve a motivational speaker of some kind.

It can sound kind of cheesy to some, but most corporate events are buttoned-up, formal affairs and incorporating a motivational speaker to help put a positive spin on a company and work on building team morale and job satisfaction can be a great tool to utilize on a corporate extended stay.
Tip #3- Let everyone speak.

Oftentimes, employees no matter what level they are on the totem pole, feel that they don’t have a lot of say in what goes on within the company they work for. A corporate travel event is a great place to give everyone an opportunity to have a voice and speak about strategies or ideas they might have to improve company production and customer satisfaction.

Tip #4- Include perks.

Most of the time, a corporate extended stay is a job perk of its own, especially if you’ve picked out a nice place for your employees to stay. The more perks you include though, the more likely your employees are to bond and feel a sense of togetherness. Believe it or not, good free food and fun can lead to better teamwork overall!

Tip #5- Don’t forget why you’re there.

Most of the previous tips are about how to make a corporate travel event fun and keep your travelers entertained, encouraging them to bond. Those are great team-building exercises but don’t forget to actually focus on why you’re there in the first place as you encourage team bonding and strengthening. Make sure that you have a lot of activities that are fun yet still pertain to your company and improving employees and the company as a whole. For example, there are actually corporate travel AZ companies that will arrange your corporate events for you to include excursions like rock climbing, hiking and golf outings while they help you center the event around corporate structure and employee bonding.

These tips may be a bit unconventional, but in today’s corporate world, you should always be one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to innovatively growing and developing your company. So have fun and be prepared for a stronger, more satisfied team of individuals!

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Royal Caribbean cruise ship Mariner of the Seas to get a major overhaul

Royal Caribbean cruise ship Mariner of the Seas to get a major overhaul. Royal Caribbean is upping the ante in the market for short cruises out of Miami with plans for a major makeover of Mariner…

Going on an exotic cruise holiday may be a unrealistic expectations and the grass in greener on the other side of the fence. At the time we return, we want to boast that we went to an exotic trip and experieced a wonderful time. But when we make serious mistakes in pursuit of this dream of an exotic cruise holiday, everything can be possible. There are some things you should caution. First is the culture of the people that you are visiting because not every community is liberal, which women face outright persecution in and are required to live under very restrictive terms.You may find it ludicrous when women aren’t still allowed to drive in many parts of the world, but at the end of the day you are the visitor and you have to live within the standards of the people. In any case some of the laws, you can be locked up if you all out of line.


The newspapers are always full of stories of people that have been caught up in major legal wrangles just because they dared to kiss in public. When the victims or culprits are put on national television they behave as if it is all unbelievable. The foreign office will warn them in advance about the dangers that they face but they choose to ignore the advice. When things start to go wrong then they complain about the community that they have visited. Then you have the naïve ones that walk straight into the traps of so called rogue regimes. You can go on an exotic cruise holiday and then end up being at the center of a major diplomatic incident that includes the United Nations. There are certain areas where American citizens are strongly advised to keep away. If your nation is actively involved in the Middle East conflict then you need to be very careful about where you go. You could end up causing the foreign office lots of problems in trying to rescue you.


There is the issue of tropical diseases that has to be considered when you go for the exotic cruise holiday. These are matters that you will need to think about because the treatments may not be readily available in your own country. It is up to you to ensure that you are in the right frame of mind to deliver the kinds of entertainment that your family needs. However you also need to ensure that this is done in a safe and prudent manner. There is no reason why you should refuse vaccinations when they are offered to you. You will find that they are for your own good and they can save you from some life threatening illnesses that can fall on you in due course. It is all about finding the right timing for the different activities that you undertake. It also requires discipline and commitment in the way that you select the destinations.


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Packing for a Cruise

Carnival banned items list https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4090 Carnival pack list https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3583/kw/Packing.

Family vacations are supposed to be fun, but many times parents dread them because they feel out of their comfort zone when their children misbehave; they know their discipline options are limited and having to apply consequences in public is for some, quite embarrassing.

When at home, parents feel very comfortable giving time-outs, however, when they are in a vehicle, or on an airplane they feel trapped. “How do I give a time-out in a car?” parents ask. Here are some great tips on how to apply time-outs on vacation, as well as which activities and games are best suited for travelling with kids. Use these tips and everyone, including you, will enjoy your family vacation.

1) If you have provided 2 warnings and a misbehaviour continues, pull the car off to the side of the road and either sit in silence for the time-out or exit the car, lock it (just remember to take the keys with you!) and wait outside the vehicle until the time-out is over (One minute for every age of the child). This strategy is quite effective and has a definite impact on kids.

2) Be proactive. Have a list of games ready to play such as car bingo. You can download these off the internet or easily create your own.

3) Keep one child in the front and one in the back to prevent sibling arguments.

4) Bring along a portable DVD player as well as movies for the children to watch.

5) Leave early! It might be difficult leaving at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, but having your children sleep away a large part of the ride is worth it!

6) Tell your children (ages 6 and up) that they’ll receive $ 1.00 for every _____ they see. They will stay quiet yet entertained as they watch for the chosen animal or object.

7) Have Sing-Along CDs in the car. Younger children love listening to their favourite songs while singing along with mom and dad. Why not make up actions for each song too?

8) Bring along portable arts and crafts cases. You can find fold-up art centers at any children’s toy or craft store.

9) Bring along books with CDs. It’s quite enjoyable to listen to stories on CD while following along in a book. These can be found in any bookstore.

10) Buy some new toys or activities and introduce a new one every couple of hours – depending on how long the trip is. It’s difficult to hold off giving everything at once, but to keep your child content, only bring out one item every so often.

Being planned and prepared is the best way to make the travel time of any vacation more enjoyable for everyone.

Erin Kurt is currently the president of Erin Parenting, a company devoted to empowering parents with the tools, training and support they need to create the family life they truly desire. She is also the author of Juggling Family Life. To learn more about her book and to sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at http://erinparenting.com/