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Travel by air remains one of the safest methods of travel available. The airlines have a much greater safety record than that of automobile drivers. We hear more about an airline crash than we do of car crashes because of the number of people that are involved.

Even with their great safety record, here are some things that you can do that will help to keep you safe while in the air. Carry on as little baggage as possible. Even properly secured bags can become flying projectiles during an accident.

As you board the plane, look for the emergency exits. If your seat is by one of the exits, in case of emergency, you will be the person to open the door and throw out the exit slide. If you do not have the strength to open the door, you should ask the flight attendant for another seat.

As soon as you take your seat, fasten your seat belt. Do not remove the seat belt during the flight, even if the fasten seatbelt sign is turned off. Most people are now comfortable in seat belts and do not need to remove them for the short duration of most flights.

After boarding the plane, while waiting for takeoff, look in the seat pocket in front of your seat for the emergency information card. Read the card and become very familiar with the procedures. Watch closely as the flight attendants make their pre-flight demonstrations. Even though you may have seen the demo hundreds of times before, watch each time like it is the first time you have ever flown.

If you must get out of your seat and go to the restroom on the plane, wait until the beverage cart is not between you and the restroom. Use the seatbacks as handgrips as you walk down the aisle. Avoid standing in line outside of the restroom if at all possible. When you return to your seat, fasten the seatbelt once again.

Once the plane has landed, keep your seatbelt on until the fasten seatbelt sign is turned off once the plane is docked. Allow the line of people that have to get off the plane immediately to go ahead while you remain comfortably seated in your place. Be aware of people taking luggage out of the overhead compartments. You do not want something falling out and hitting you on the head. Once the line has cleared out, stand up and carefully remove your carryon bags that have been stowed away. Watch your step as you exit the plane.

Hopefully at this point, you have just enjoyed another safe flight.

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GAP Adventures travel is fun to join because it gives you the opportunity to tour the seven continents, from the glacier-filled Antarctica to the street markets of Katmandu, and indulge yourself with adventurous activities. GAP Adventures is Canada’s largest adventure travel company that offers socially and environmentally sensitive travel. Traveling and discovering the world is easy with the right tools!

GAP Adventures uses different means of transportation on their tour. They carefully choose the transports that will suit the nature of every community. You may take a ride on a vintage train or bus, a rickshaw, in a native canoe, or even on the back of an elephant. You can be guided on escorted tours to Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Africa, Britain and Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Central America, Mexico, South America, and the United States. GAP tours are classified according to the quality of accommodations and amenities. GAP Adventures travel rates are reasonably priced so that they can be afforded by every traveler.

* Budget Travel- tours usually range from $ 45 to $ 130 for each person, per day plus the airfare.
* First Class Travel- tours usually range from $ 80 to $ 275 for each person, per day plus the airfare.
* Deluxe Travel- tours usually range from $ 100 to $ 400 for each person, per day plus the airfare.
* Luxury Travel- tours usually range from $ 400 to $ 600 for each person, per day plus the airfare.

The prices above are in a rate of U.S dollars per person that will be based on double occupancy and subject to availability. Prices given for land arrangements are subject to increase without notification. Once your deposit has been received, the land prices will be guaranteed. GAP Adventures travel airfares included as part of air-inclusive tour rates will be subjected to increase and will be guaranteed only once the full payment is received. Air-inclusive rates comprise air from a major gateway in U.S.; air from other airports in the U.S is available with an additional charge.

With the travel rates, everyone can certainly afford to have an adventure travel. Your tour will certainly provide an independent and interesting experience with the assurance of safety and great adventure. GAP Adventures travel rates are certainly the best deal for great adventure vacation.

Do you wish you could travel the world? Most people have at least considered the mind-boggling possibility and with Canada’s GAP Adventure Travel you could make that dream a reality! Visit the ice caps of the Arctic or see the wildlife of the Amazon. There’s something for everyone! For more information on adventure travel, visit my site at http://www.adventuretravelpost.com Get out there… don’t just live your life… experience it!

In the case of fully poised to China in 2009 Men Upgrade and try to look suitably powerful

Is enough if Xu Li, China’s men once again for her dream into action. In fact, the early layout and to escape the same time, this did not stop the pace of 2009, about a dream try to continue. In the case of fully poised, so well-and try to appear strong, and may be used to upgrade China’s men start a new round.

High-end target Previously known in the OEM production of excellent quality men’s business Mailyard Hubei, a breakthrough in the search mode of the process, proposed the “men’s business affairs” in the concept category, and the pursuit of trying to create a success and move forward the courage to challenge, age 30? 55-year-old men as the main target consumer groups boutique image.

Mailyard business and public men adhere to the high-end line, but compared to other high-end brands, Mailyard appropriate to widen the price span. Companies hoping to make their own within a few years become the mainstream of high-end men’s high-end brand?? “Design is high-end, quality is high, and it has a mainstream price point.”

Beijing Shun U.S. Clothing Co., Ltd. has its own high-end brands have high hopes of Rome. To this end, the company to develop the Roman VIP clients and services, as an important breakthrough.

Company was established on the basis of previous VIP customer club, and now they have contributed to the company Sell Amount of 40? 50%. Company believes, VIP customers to develop and maintain the high-end men’s brand development is of great significance. A high-end brands become bigger and stronger, there must be a certain number of loyal VIP customers. If this number less than 30% of the overall customer traffic, then follow the development of the brand may encounter some problems.

In fact, Financial Crisis may be just as China has been the pursuit of high-end men’s, provides an opportunity to catch up the international brand.

Crisis, has always been high-profile international brands lower figure, giving rise to an unprecedented wave of promotion. Versace announced in the next 3? 5 years in Hong Kong, Tianjin, Shenyang and layout of central and western regions than discount stores.

This makes the Chinese high-end men’s direct confrontation with the international brands again.

Fact, from the network layout perspective, the national men’s brand may have to first step. Although many second and third lines are to seize foreign brands and domestic brands extrusion channel resources, but for the domestic high-end men, in terms of product positioning and customer training, have their own advantages, and through these advantages and the international image, and capture the high-end department store channel.

In the product process and cost control, the domestic high-end men’s the same no less. After 10 years of accumulation and improvement of production, the Chinese men’s level in manufacturing companies has improved so much, many enterprises are in line for the international brand OEM. At the same time, they type in the clothing version of R & D in Asian size, combined with the international fashion tailoring, to create a more custom fit, cultivating the dress style. Perhaps with the high end market

new brand structure, the consumers are more rational, the next round of competition, the domestic high end men’s brands will play an even more obvious of these advantages.

This, they have the means, but also belief. “We insist on high-end positioning is not only insist on a formal, more importantly, continue to insist on the strategy,” company chairman Wang Guibo Chinour Shandong groom said, “After all, in this game we must win the future of Chinese garment enterprises are to the high-end brands in the world, a place must win. “

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There are times in your life when you just need to get away from it all. For times like those, Amsterdam is the place to be. However, like many people, you may be a little strapped for cash. You should not let that stop you from visiting and enjoying Amsterdam, especially when you can both save money and sleep comfortably in Amsterdam hostels.

Prices have never been better at european hostels, including amsterdam hostels, and amenities never more luxurious, than right now. Many hostels in Amsterdam allow you to pay for your stay by using credit cards. This is very handy when you are traveling, because it keeps you from having to have cash in a certain denomination on hand, especially if you are traveling in several different countries that use different currencies.

Amsterdam hostels offer accommodations for private or shared rooms, with a greater savings typically coming from using comfortable shared rooms, which can start around seventeen US dollars a night. Private rooms at hostels in Amsterdam are also reasonably priced as well, starting around thirty-five euros, or forty-five US dollars per night. Lest you think that these hostels in Amsterdam are bare bones for these types of prices, you might be pleasantly surprised. Many offer their own in-house restaurants and bars for your convenience. Twenty-four hour reception service as well as luggage storage and private lockers are all routinely available at these hostels. Amsterdam hostelries also often are wheelchair accessible and have elevator access as well. Many Amsterdam hostels offer laundry facilities as well as kitchens and refrigerators, so if you wish you can cook some of your own meals to save even more. You can look online to find out if there is a specific group of people to which hostels in Amsterdam might cater. Sometimes children are invited to be guests at hostels.

Amsterdam visitors might also be looking for group accommodations, and this type of service is usually outlined on the European hostel’s website. There are many fun ways to travel while staying at one of these wonderful hostels. amsterdam is full of canals and waterways, so it can be fun to travel by boat. Many hostels offer bicycles that you can rent, so it is very easy to take off anytime you desire and see the city slowly, savoring it. By staying at hostels in Amsterdam, you can save money on your accommodations without sacrificing comfort in order to be able to spend it on seeing the magnificent sights of this glorious city.

When Wayne Hemrick travels he stays in hostels in amsterdam.

In Paris, accommodation options are offered to suit any budget, so tourists can find accommodation for less than €45 or as much as EUR 600 or more. Paris Opera area, Chaillot Quarter, Luxembourg and the Montemarte area are the most convenient places to stay. In suburbs, accommodation is also available for tourists who appreciate peace and quiet, namely Montsouris, Porte de Versailles and Boulougne Billancourt. If you are looking for privacy and space, you can book apartment rentals like luxury apartments, studio apartments, terraced apartments, or houseboats.


Vacationers who are not worried about money can book accommodation at any luxury hotel, such as the seven Palace Hotels in Paris. The four-star hotels which belong to reputed chains such as Accor, also provide luxury at affordable rates. The city also has several three-star hotels at convenient locations run by renowned chains such as Mercure and Novotel. Alternatively, tourists can find apartment rentals at any fully furnished apartment with all the required facilities in Paris.


Since Paris is the capital city of France and a popular European tourist destination, it receives thousands of visitors per month and provides many accommodation choices to cater to different needs. Although, accommodation here tends to be expensive, the city also has its own share of budget hotels. Vacationers who cannot afford to stay at regular hotels can opt to stay at comfortable budget hotels in the city.


Vacationers interested in booking accommodation at budget hotels must consider prestigious budget hotel chains such as ETap, Ibis and Formulae 1.


To get rooms in low budget hotels, tourists will have to look to the suburbs in Paris to find accommodation. One can easily book accommodation in budget hotels in the range of €55 to €100, depending on the facilities offered and the location of the hotel in question. The tariffs are much lower in the suburbs of Paris and vacationers can find rooms for as cheap as €45. Booking accommodation in the suburbs is much more peaceful and less expensive, however tourists might find themselves spending more on travelling into the city to view the major attractions.


Alternatively, students and backpackers can book accommodation in any of the hostels in Paris. Some of these are student hostels associated with universities, youth hostels run by the French Youth Hostel Federation and others.


Tourists who wish to be close to the major attractions of Paris must book accommodation within the city although this will be more expensive. This ensures that they will be spending less time in buses, cars and trams and more time sightseeing.


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For many people today the education system begins at the age of four. It is from here forward that youngsters are usually pushed to achieve the best that they possibly can. Even young kids are pushed by their teachers and to some extent their peers also to achieve and be the very best, either academically or even in another way of life. Pressure can at times be difficult to handle. Someone can be part of the compulsory education system right the way through to the age of sixteen. After reaching this age, an individual may decide by themselves what path to take, this can involve leaving school. But it is often the case that a child is instead pushed to carry on with their education, instead taking it further to an A-Level standard. Typically this takes a child up to the age of eighteen. Following on from A levels the natural progression leads young adults to university to study to get a degree. University courses may last for an additional three to five years, perhaps even longer for several qualifications! Consequently from the young age of five, a young child is pushed through the academic system for around thirteen years, not including time spent at university! The constant pressure to achieve success over such a prolonged period might cause stress levels to increase and anxieties to build. If throughout a childhood someone develops a love for sport plus a talent to play well the pressures connected with education can affect a person’s enjoyment of what ought to be a fun activity. If this sounds familiar the answer could be a gap year, enabling you to spend your time embarking on gap year tennis or gap year football, this may allow a well deserved break from education along with putting the fun back into sport.

By pursuing gap year football or gap year tennis you will have the time to really focus on your sporting ability and develop your skills further without having any extra pressures. Gap year tennis and gap year football isn’t by any means limited to the UK, you could potentially see areas of the world you have never seen before together with playing a sport that you’re passionate about. Gap year tennis and gap year football both provide regular training programmes along with matches and social events. Mentoring can be a key feature to such gap year programmes allowing coaching to be adapted specifically to an individual.

Other advantages include being able to make loads of new friends with the same interests to each other, perhaps improving a CV with a part-time job in another part of the world and exploring the world and places that one might not otherwise have a chance to see.

So, if you think that you need a break from the world of books and tests, so are currently looking for a great way to spend a gap year then gap year tennis or gap year football may be for you! You will discover the world, form new friendships and some great experiences with gap year sport.

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Since this is my first post I suppose Ill talk about my recent cruise to the Bahamas. This was actually my 3rd cruise and my wife and I have already booked our 4th, departing from Miami to Key West, Nassau and Cococay. Our very first cruise was on the Carnival Fantasy to Nassau. That was way back in November of 2000. We were married on that cruise and had a party of 45 or so with us ! I enjoyed most of the cruise as it was our first, but when you have that many people with you, time flys ! I remember the dinners to be pretty decent but the buffet was so so, as I have had the same experience on each of our cruises. This was my first trip to the Bahamas and thought that the mainland was rather dirty and taking a cab ride felt like you were risking your life. Paradise Island was nice though and Atlantis Resort was awesome ! I also remember the seas were rather rough on our way back and the ship was rocking back and forth quite a bit. Not a real comfortable feeling. But, all in all, it was a nice but short trip and I had decided I would do it again.

Which leads to our 2nd cruise. This one was on the Carnival Fascination. I believe that trip was in March of 2005 or 2006, not sure which. It was a 4 night cruise. We left port from Miami and traveled to Key West and Playa del Carmen. I loved Key West. I liked the old historic look, the location and it was nice and clean. The atmosphere was easy going and you didnt feel like you were going to be run over by a taxi or robbed by locals, like you might feel if you leave the beaten path in Nassau or in Mexico. Id live in Key West if I had the chance ! Once again the food at dinner was decent, and I suppose the buffets were ok. Ive heard this from numerous people but I guess you can expect some of the service or food to be less than stellar when your only paying $ 300 to $ 400 per person for a 4 night cruise. Ive had many people tell me the food was much better on a higher class newer cruise ship. Anyway, our next stop was in Playa Del Carmen and because a recent hurricane had damaged the docks we had to stop at another port south of there, with no town. It had the port and thats it. So we had to rent a jeep and drive north about 20 minutes to Playa. Looking back, that was extremely foolish. Especially given whats going on now in Mexico, but even then there were plenty of problems. We drove through some areas that looked like Iraq or something ! Very poor, and probably not very safe. If you are taking a cruise to anywhere outside this country be very careful about where you decide to go and how you decide to get there. Once in Playa Del Carmen though it seemed pretty nice and you could tell they were putting money into the area to boost the tourism. My buddy had a massage while my wife and his girlfriend shopped and I had a few coronas and some tacos by the beach. It was nice for a few hours, at least til the drive back. I remember passing by Cuba on the way back to Miami and thought that was pretty interesting. All in all it was a very nice trip and of course the entire staff of the ship were great as they almost always are. You cant beat the service for the price when it comes to a cruise.

Our last trip was just three weeks ago. We had a free cruise to use and we booked another three night trip to the Bahamas again. It was on the Carnival Imagination over Halloween 2010. We pretty much knew what to expect this time around as this was our third trip. I did want to mention that it appeared to me that Nassau had been cleaned up a bit from the last time I was there. This had been brought to my attention by someone else so I didnt know what to expect, it had been ten years since we last were there. The cab drivers are still nuts. And anyone who rents a moped to drive around the island the way people drive there, might have a screw or two loose also ! : ) Just kidding, although I wouldnt do it. Everything about Nassau was pretty much ho hum though, having been there before. We did have about 10 or 15 friends with us on this trip, so that was a great time ! They threw a Halloween party and since I dont do the whole dress up thing I watched and laughed at everyone else. The food was of course still average, Im really holding out all my praise for some really good food ! I did have barbecued ribs one night and they were really good.

Lastly, as I stated, we just booked another cruise for April 2011. This one is on the Royal Caribbean, Majesty of the Seas. Ive heard that its pretty much on par with all the Carnival cruises weve taken but itll be nice to experience a different line and slightly larger ship. Well be going back to Nassau which I could care less, but also to Key West, which I love and Cococay which is owned by RCCL. I already know they charge for just about everything on the island, so if youre going there educate yourself first. Nonetheless, Im looking forward to another vacation.



o Flight Tickets
o Accommodation Vouchers
o Transfer Vouchers
o Prepaid Attraction Tickets
o Passport (If traveling overseas)
o Visa (Check with Travel Agent if needed)
o Travel Insurance
o Phone numbers for home
o Health Documentation
o Emergency Information
o Currency
o Currency calculations sheet
o Credit Cards x 2/Travelers Cheques,
o Make copies of all documentation keep one copy with you and leave a copy of your passport, credit cards, travel insurance with a friend or family member

Before you pack ensure to find what kind of weather you will be getting and pack accordingly, always remember weather can change quickly so ensure to pack for the unexpected changes.

o Underwear
o Socks/Hosiery
o Belts
o Casual Day Wear
o Sleepwear
o Cold weather gear (jumper, coat, warm hat, gloves, scarf)
o Warm weather gear (swimsuit, shorts, sandals
o Comfortable walking shoes (must be worn in)
o Sun Hat


o Comb and/or brush
o Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss etc
o Deodorant
o Soap
o Shampoo & conditioner
o Skin-care lotion
o Razor & shaving cream
o Personal hygiene items
o Vitamins
o Bath / beach towel
o Inspect repellent
o Sunscreen
o Nail clippers
o Aspirin
o Antiseptic wipes
o Antibiotic cream
o Band-Aids
o Upset stomach / Diarrhea medication
o Regular medication, plus a letter from your doctor for anything unusual.

o Luggage (Check any weight restrictions)
o Back pack
o Wallet
o Money belt
o Organizer bags (mesh or different colours)
o Ipod/MP3 Player
o Camera & memory cards
o Guide book and maps
o Travel journal & pens
o Games / playing cards
o Small padlocks for suitcase
o Luggage ID tags
o Alarm Clock
o Sunglasses and case
o Travel clothesline & pegs
o Sink plug – (multi size)
o Laundry bag
o Zip lock plastic bags
o Large plastic garbage bag – to use as rain protection for your main bag
o Electrical converter / adapter if you have AC appliances
o Earplugs / eyeshades

o Your favourite book from The Book Brothers www.thebookbrothers.com.au

o Keep extra cash $ 50 – $ 100 in a safe place
o Drink plenty of water and little alcohol on the plane
o Stick to a bland diet
o Always read up on the city before you get there.
o Always take an extra pair of underwear in your hand luggage
o Check luggage weight limits for all modes of transport you are taking your luggage on and purchase luggage accordingly
o Check to see if any vaccinations are required for the country you are visiting
o Set up a worldwide email account if wanting to correspond back home via email

o Stop deliveries and have Australia Post hold mail
o Arrange for care of pets, lawn, house plants, garden, swimming pool
o Arrange for home security if you’re worried
o Empty refrigerator and garbage
o Turn off hot water cylinder
o Pre-pay bills (or ask close friend to collect mail and pay bills for you)
o Lock all doors and windows
o Triple check that you have Passport / Tickets / Money

Kylie Leigh

Despite the steady increase in supply at home and abroad to China’s plastics recycling industry to bring a robust growth potential, but the industry must adopt a more advanced technology and address community concerns about pollution of the environment renewable industry a major industry groups in charge of a man says.

China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Chairperson of plastics recycling light in a certain industry, Lin said at a meeting, Chinese enterprises can provide sufficient raw materials for sustainable growth: in 2008, China’s domestic recycled plastics recycling grew 10% to more than 900 million tons, while in the Prior to this, in 2002 -2,008 years, imports of waste plastics for more than tripled, slightly higher than 7 million tons.

However, in 2009 China’s plastics recycling and recycling his speech at the General Assembly, bluntly warned Tao Lin Liang, China’s plastics recycling industry needs to upgrade industry standards, increase R & D investment, and follow the United States, Japan and other developed economies, the use of more efficient machinery and equipment. Importantly, the industry needs to find ways to change the Chinese public to recycling and garbage collection company deemed inherent in the views of those who, focusing on promoting regeneration of the Chinese economy for the environment and what contribution to make. Some open questions – for example, some companies in the plastic recycling operations failed to take appropriate environmental controls – has hindered the development of the industry, but also led to the Government in certain decision-making process for plastic recycling “lack of attention.” China’s imports of waste plastics levy a 6.5% tariff, but imports of waste paper, copper and other materials they can enjoy tax-free.

He said the media sometimes China’s plastics recycling will make a negative report, but have been widely discussed issue of the importation of waste is actually only the overall import of “negligible part of.” From recycled materials recycling business to make up the shortage of raw materials in China starting this perspective, emphasizing how the recycling industry, played a role in promoting the national economy.

Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai University School of QianGuangren Professor November 5 -7, held in Hangzhou, said this meeting, recyclers should also strengthen the importance of greenhouse gas emissions can be through the use of recycled materials, reducing greenhouse gases.

As is currently the world’s second largest after the United States in carbon dioxide emissions, if China can not reduce emissions, other countries might would impose punitive tariffs on Chinese materials. In all major economies, China’s per capita emissions are at the lowest level, but because of the huge economies of scale, from the whole became emitters.

There has been some evidence that the end of 2008 was the strong impact of Western economic crisis, their ebb, China’s plastics recycling industry is now slowly recovering.

According to Chinese customs statistics data, in 2009 China’s imports of plastic waste, essentially flat in 2008, as of the end of September 2009, import volume has reached 5.4 million tons. According to this meeting, published data show that about 20% of domestic plastic waste for recycling.

Regeneration Company, said businesses have improved, but still not optimistic about the situation.

Hebei, China and Macao Limited KarenZhou waste processing, said: “Once the bottom will naturally rebound. Now we are gradually recovering.”

But Zhou said the market trend is still difficult to predict, but also very sensitive to price. China and Macao imports from Europe and the United States ABS, polyethylene and other waste products, after re-processed into resin sold to China’s auto parts, bags and other products manufacturers.

She said her company hopes the Government can recycling enterprises of all uniform standards, including the so-called “backyard recyclers” who operated a small plant regeneration of the law is always playing the “edge ball.” She said that China and Macao invested heavily in purchasing a lot and efficient equipment to high standards of operation and long-term perspective on business development. However, she is unlikely that the Government will implement a unified industry standard, on the one hand the Government want to encourage employment, on the other hand can not be for such a small company or its employees like big business income. She said that the crackdown may be too strict “will disrupt social stability.” She said that China and Macao has recently spent more than 100 million yuan (147,000 U.S. dollars) purchased an extrusion line, while its competitors in this area put the figure is only 30% or less.

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Thinking of spending a week this year on holiday in the UK.  Then if you are why not consider booking a self catering property.  As you will soon discover you are provided with a different kind of experience compared to that offered when you stay in a hotel. 

One of the biggest advantages to actually booking a self catering holiday in the UK today can prove a great deal cheaper than travelling to say Spain.  As you won’t be faced with not only the costs of flights and arranging car hire but any taxes that the airlines are currently imposing on travellers.  For example when it comes to Ryan Air they will charge additional fees if your luggage weighs more than the agreed 15kilos. 

Also of course staying in self catering accommodation means that you decide when and at what time you go out.  Whereas if you were to stay in a hotel they would require you to be out by at least the middle of the morning so that they can give your room its daily clean. Also when it comes to when you want to eat if you were to stay in a hotel you would be governed by the times that have been set by them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

There are of course other cost savings you can make whilst on holiday staying in self catering accommodation.  Firstly as these properties all come with fully fitted kitchens you can prepare your own meals if you wish rather than eating out each night from produce that has been locally grown.  Also you can prepare picnics that you can take with you that you and your family can enjoy on those days you do go out to explore the surrounding areas and to visit the many attractions that are on offer. 

Finally of course when it comes to booking self catering accommodation for a holiday you have plenty more space available to you.  So if you need a little me time this is quite possible and in many cases the properties come with facilities that will keep the kids amused on the days when the weather isn’t all that great. 

This information has been researched on behalf of Club la Costa who have vacation resorts in Spain, Turkey, Austria, Scotland, USA and the UK.