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Backcountry Hygiene


“Although wilderness visitors are placing more and more emphasis on concerns like the water-borne protozoan Giardia lamblia, they downplay their contact with other humans and other sources of disease in the outdoor environment,” reminds Buck Tilton, co-author ofCamping Healthy, Hygiene for the Outdoors, published by Globe Pequot Press.


“As increasing numbers of Homo Sapiens show up more and more often in backcountry areas, the presence of humans, even if only for a short while, builds a community of disease possibilities,” states Tilton.
One of the most obvious, but perhaps under appreciated means of staying healthy involves washing the hands after bowel movements, before attending to wounds and always before preparing food. Rough percentages indicate that between 25 and 40 percent of all food-borne illness can be traced to the hands.


For maximum clean, but not 100-percent bacteria removal, use hot water that is almost too hot to touch, between 100 to 120 degrees F. Soap up and work the lather into the skin and under the nails for at least thirty seconds. Rinse thoroughly with hot water again. Re-soap, re-rinse and then dry. Drying is perhaps one of the most overlooked and yet most important steps since washing alone will leave some bacteria suspended in the few droplets of water clinging to your skin, enhancing the possibility of a chance migration from skin to food and then…use your imagination.


Of course, in the backcountry, hot water is a rare thing indeed, unless you are packing copious volumes of fuel. For wilderness use when hot water becomes a luxury, Tilton recommends the use of a germicidal soap such as Betadine Scrub, Hibiclens or Klenz-Blu Gel. Follow the method outlined in the previous paragraph for cleaning.


“Sure, washing your hands so meticulously is a bother, but so is getting sick,” says Tilton. “Remember most of all, however, that even plain old unscientific hand washing beats no hand washing at all.”


The Condensed Hit List For “Taking the Cramps Out of Camp”
• Do not share bandannas, toothbrushes, razors, water bottles, eating utensils, etc.
• Wash and air dry all community kitchen gear.
• Anyone who is ill or appears to be ill out of the kitchen.
• Wash your hands before preparing meals and every time after you go to the bathroom.
• Purify all drinking water via water filtration, chemical treatment or boiling.


SOURCE: Adventuresportsonline


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Theme cruise trips!  After engaging yourself to a full day’s work all year long, a vacation of your choice is sure to be in line. Though there are plenty of ways for you to sit back and relax, going for a more exciting cruise could be just what you deserve. Cruises are getting more and more popular these days since it gives you an opportunity to experience A1 hotel service while floating to a special destination, devoid of everything directly associated with the world you’ve grown used to.

A fast rising innovation in the world of cruises is the themed cruise line. This kind of company specializes in bringing you to a new world of sights and sounds dedicated to a particular theme of interest. For example, you can find a sports-centered cruise line if you are a sport-minded individual. You will have the opportunity to rub elbows with professional players and play different sports activities with them.

Some cruises, primarily designed for golfers, take you on a destination hopping trip that will allow you to test your mettle on the various golf courses located near each port of call. Music lovers, on the other hand, can tune their ears to a musically inclined cruise line. These companies engineer trips in such a way that you get to treat your ears to a specific genre while you enjoy the picturesque view outside. Free concerts are available for your entertainment and you can dance the night away while your favorite artist performs a popular tune.

There is even a trip for nature lovers. This special kind of vacation enables you to be more in touch with the environment and appreciate the wonders of nature. Visitors can be guided through jungle treks, nature walks and boat river tours while naturalists and lecturers talk about our environment’s facts and figures.

Another themed cruise can focus on your dining pleasures as well as honing your concocting skills. While on the trip, you can learn new styles in cooking and exotic mixes for your drinks. In such trips, you can expect to be treated to a sumptuous meal even as you head out to wine making region.

Going for a themed cruise line could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Not only do you get the chance to explore another world of your interest, you also get the opportunity to enhance your skill while being around other people who love what you love.

Theme Cruises!… Find The Perfect One For You!
Winter vacation cruises are now popular all year around and you can find some great bargains on theme cruise trips during the summer and winter months. Some people who live near a major port, take http://www.cruise-tips.com fun cruise trips all the time for a quick getaway, not only for a short vacation, but at a reasonable price.

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Bookings for Carnival Cruises Strong for 2018.

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Riviera Maya Vacations

The Riviera Maya conjures visions of the centuries old archaeological sites that Mexico is well known for. There, one can find the old cities of the ancient Mayans. Visit one of the most majestic cities is Chichen Itza which was the former capital of the Mayan empire and climb up to the top of the Castillo, the grand pyramid or most importantly, visit the observatory where astronomers formulated one of the most accurate calendars. Tulum is another great destination, the only walled city of the Mayans which conveniently overlooks the waters and the beachfront. But this is not all there is to this region which boasts of many other interesting attractions and activities. Xel-Ha is a good place to conquer when youre a nature lover as it has many coves, lagoons and caves in its premises while Xcaret is a Mayan themed ecological park with lots of fun activities prepared for its visitors. Or otherwise, go on a day tour of Isla Mujeres that has a Mayan temple and several watersports or Isla Contoy with its sandy white beaches and lush palm trees. When planning your Mexico vacation, always include this region for unforgettable unique experiences.

Top Beaches in Mexico

November to May is the most ideal time to go on a Mexico vacation and visit the alluring beaches of Mexico. About five hours away from the city are the remote beaches of Costa Esmeralda on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. On the Caribbean coast particularly in the Maya Riviera region are the fabulous Cancun beaches and Puerto Morelos fishing village and beach resort which has sugar sand and warm clear waters plus the added bonus of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Here in the Maya Riviera is the chic Playa del Carmen and Tulum, which is one of the most beautiful beaches that have the historical Mayan ruins in an area that overlooks the beachside. On the Pacific Coast at the tip of the Baja Peninsula is Los Cabos with miles of marvelous beaches like Playa Cemeterio, Playa Santa Maria, Playa Costa Azul, Playa Canta Mar and Playa Solmar. Between Huatulco, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco can be found the most popular fine sand beaches of Mexico with a choice of exclusive resorts to the smaller local ones. You will never run out of beach choices in Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas Vacations

One place that should form part of a Mexico vacation is a visit to Cabo San Lucas which is considered as one popular tourist destination in Mexico. This place has stretches of beautiful white sand beaches and several restaurants. Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places in Mexico for tuna and marlin fishing and holds the biggest international marlin fishing competition with a jackpot prize of $ 1,000,000. Whale watching is one of the favorite activities in this city where you can spot groups of gray whales migrating from the colder climates into the warm waters of Cabo to give birth or to wait out the winter. It is such an unforgettable experience to see these giant marine mammals with their calves frolicking in the turquoise waters of Cabo San Lucas. One important date to remember too is October 12 which is the feast of the patron saint of Todos Santos that features festival sports music, fair, dancing and authentic Mexican food. Whatever your chosen activity maybe, from swimming, whale watching, fishing, shopping or just soaking up the sun, a trip to Cabo San Lucas is definitely worthwhile.

Things to see in Mazatlan

Experience the real Mexico vacation with a trip to Mazatlan located on the Mexican Gold Coast that boasts of long beach stretches lined with palm trees. Just like many places in Mexico, Mazatlan is an interesting combination of history, culture and adventure. The citys second oldest plaza, Plazuela Machado is in Old Mazatlan where the famed twin-towered cathedral is also located. The malecon (promenade) gives you a refreshing palm-lined oceanfront walkway that connects Old Mazatlan with the resort area known as zona dorada. The villages of Concordia, Copala and Cosala with its beautiful handcrafted furniture and ceramic and clay handicrafts is located on the Sierra Madre Mountains and forms part of the countryside tours. The known islands of Mazatlan, Isla de Chivos or Goat Island, Isla de Pajaros or Bird Island and Isla de Venados or Deer Island has fine sand beaches and should be included in your tour of Mazatlan. There are so much more to see in Mazatlan that thrives with the passion which Mexico is known for.

When you want to go on a Mexico Vacations, make sure to include all sites and attractions in your itinerary. A very cheap flights will be memorable if you plan early and find out the best places to go to.